August 11th
Most beautiful weather. Went to the springs, got a letter from Mopsel and we have decided to go there on Sunday, stop the night and not return here. This afternoon I spent with the Roses. We went for a drive up in the woods, it was just lovely there. We had tea at ……, I cant remember the name. I forgot to say we met them here, they consist of father and son, who are both charming. Young Arthur Rose is very nice and amusing, I like him very much (I hope he wont ever get hold of this!!). He is 6 foot 2 inches and so good looking, fair and very determined to look at. Enough of him for the present as I’m sure this diary will see a good bit more of him before I finish!!! Dr Caverhill also came to drive with us, and presented me with a lovely bunch of roses and at table d’hôte Mr Rose, senior, also gave me a bouquet – quite festive.

August 12th
Grouse shooting. I wonder what Gany and Elliot are doing today. Footled all the morning and spent the afternoon in the garden here with AR. Smoked and amused myself generally! After tea we sauntered down to the tennis when I suddenly thought I would like to hire a bike so I did, and when I was performing gaily suddenly I heard a voice saying “now why haven’t I got a Kodak!” and looking up I saw AR, upon which we went for a turn.

August 13th
It is simply pouring.

August 14th
Today we drove again in the woods with the Roses and Dr Caverhill. Arthur played the fool all the time. I never saw such a mad one as he is, as bad as Elliot. We drove up to the keeper’s lodge where there was a show of all the stags heads that had been shot during the year. A lot of people were at the judging, among them the Prince of Wales. We drove on up to Saalburg where we were caught in a tremendous shower of rain. Went to the Kurhaus and spent the evening with the Roses.

August 15th, Saturday
This morning at 10 o’clock with a party of six we set off to the Jews’ Synagogue to hear their service. It is too weird for words. Mrs B and I simply sat in convulsions up in the Gallery where all the ladies sit, the men sit downstairs with their hats on and lots with grey cloaks on (here the diary has been taken over by another hand, and the following is written🙂 and trousers and such like which to my mind were far from necessary but then Father said that was because I was too young to understand. All the old Mumps round me called the Chief Rabbi Bandersnatch Touser which made me simply split my sides and cry “Lorks”. Then they who were in the auditorium whistled, spat and choked and when I said lorks, screamed “Church is out” but no one moved. Father said it was because they none of them wore braces but of course I don’t know.
I beg here to state that I didn’t write any of this rot, persons name I’ll not mention him as I’m not likely to forget who did it in a hurry. (Arthur Rose, perhaps?)
Well, to continue – we didn’t stay long, and Mrs Budd and I went for a ride afterwards and in the middle of it her treadle came off so I had to ride it back as she couldn’t ride with one leg. (it is possible this was actually a treadle bicycle – see – or it just may be that Wynne is using old terminology for a peddle.) We did blow the man up but I don’t suppose he understood.
We went to Frankfurt today, started by the 12.10 train and as soon as we arrived we trammed to the Palm Garden where we had an excellent lunch, after which we flew off to the Zoo which I found most interesting. I love Zoos, that’s to say all except the London one on a Sunday with a large party! We went of course to see the Ariadne, she is beautiful, I don’t know when I have seen anything so exquisite in sculpture. (Wynne spells this Ariadny, and it must refer to a copy of the sleeping Ariadne that is in the Vatican, a Roman copy of a Greek original).