August 1st, Saturday
Went as usual to the Brunnen and Milkhouse, also to my baths, and called at the Post Office for letters, found two for me, both of which were very amusing, one from the babe and one from Gammy. The latter is the oddest fish I ever came across. It poured all the evening. Went to the Kurhaus as usual.

August 2nd
Simply pouring, it seems to be doing that most days. Much too wet to go to church and looks as if it would pour all day. Have just finished my book Zoroaster, its just wildly exciting but I don’t care for the ending. This is how I feel at present:

August 3rd
Got a letter from Eva and went through the usual routine of the day without anything else having happened.

August 4th
Went to Wiesbaden, saw Auntie (Aime) and all the children. Its a fairly long way and when we arrived it was about 2.30. Auntie and Nora met us, then we drove up, the town is large with very good shops. We had lunch and then I played with the children in the garden. Bill still continues to be my favourite, he is so sweet. Rita is not near so pretty as she used to be, nor Walter either. It is such a pity. I eat such heaps of fruit that I felt quite ill! and Auntie gave me a huge bag to take home with me.

August 5th

August 6th
Today we went over the hat manufactory. It is most interesting. At the first stage the hat is as big as this

just like a thimble and as it goes on it gradually gets thicker and smaller. I forgot to say that yesterday we drove up to a place in the wood where we imagined the hats were made but when we got there it wasn’t the place at all, it was miles away in the woods and we had gone all the way for nothing.

August 7th
The day proving fine I went as usual to the Brunnen with Father and had also my glass of milk. All the morning we lazed about and in the afternoon we took a fly and went up to see Saalburg, a Roman Camp of large dimensions. We had tea up there and then drove home. Its about 5 miles away and we took just an hour and a half getting there. True it was rather up hill a good bit of the way but even on the level road the horse insisted on walking!! and in spite of the abuse we hurled at the driver he took absolutely no notice whatever and continued to meander along. Considering the language we used was half Hindostan, Italian and German I don’t blame him because I’m sure he couldn’t have understood one word. The Camp is very interesting and very large, its on the top of a hill and has five huge wells which contained all the treasure which they found. The drive there is awfully pretty, all through the pine woods and coming home through corn fields.

August 8th, Saturday
Did nothing particularly.

August 9th, Sunday
Poured steadily all the morning but in spite of it we went to Church. And in the afternoon I wrote letters and listened to the band, then went and had tea with the Hurdwoods at Brahe’s.

August 10th
Today our nice friends the Hurdwoods left us, I do miss them so awfully, its perfectly beastly here without them, but they have asked me down to stay with them. I do hope I shall be able to go. We went to see them off at the station, there were many regrets and much weeping, especially on the side of Geoff who was far too overcome even to look out of the window!! In the afternoon we went to the Dog Show. There are some awfully sweet little dogs there but they make an awful noise barking and yelling. Spent a very dull and most depressing evening, have got the most fearful blues, it is the effect of (code: Geoff’s absence) I know.