August 16th, Sunday
Today we left. I don’t know when I hated anything so much. I do dislike leaving all my nice friends whom I haven’t the slightest chance of seeing again. Last night Arthur Rose gave me such a neat watch bracelet of Russia leather, as mine was broken. I do think it was sweet of him. He also had put in my room an anonymous box of chocolates, how charming some people can be when they choose. Neither Arthur or Dr Caverhill could see us off as they had to go to church! Or rather the latter had and so dragged off the former too. Old Mr Rose came to see us off and brought me a huge box of fondons (sic) and roses, amongst other people Mrs Kennedy gave me such a sweet little bouquet. Everyone was so kind to me no wonder I hated leaving. We arrived at Wiesbaden where Auntie and Algie met us and drove us first to the “Block” where we deposited our luggage then drove on up to the Schon Aussicht. The children were all flourishing and I got Auntie to give me a photo of my precious Bill. (This is Bill Fallowfield – he died in WW1).

August 17th
Went shopping with Mopsel after which I left her to go and see the children whilst she went to meet Uncle Hugh at the station. He wasn’t looking at all well. I played with the children until I thought I should have a fit from running and laughing. We left about mid day for Heidelberg.

August 18th
This as everyone knows is a beautiful place. After we arrived we took a drive along the river (Neckar) round by Wolfsbrunnen and the Castle. The scenery is just too lovely for words. The river runs between two high chains of mountains and all over the place there are little villages dotted about. Wolfsbrunnen is a quaint little place chiefly used for trout fishing and as for the Castle I should have liked to roam about it for hours. It is a dull red colour and all in ruins. We saw there the largest cask in the world, it holds 300,000 bottles of wine and the story goes that (cant remember his name) was making it he used to drink from 18-20 bottles every day!! I bought at the hotel some photos of it for my collection. Whilst we were driving to the Castle a little girl ran up and gave me a little bunch of flowers for which we gave her a trifle, but I lost the flowers more’s the pity.

August 19th
Today we left Heidelberg for Freiberg and a more decayed hole I have never been at. The only object of interest here is an old Roman Catholic Minster, very old and interesting but the place itself is (not) and I was glad enough to leave the next day for Titisee. Today is Ell’s birthday and we drank his health.

August 20th
Never have I seen such beautiful scenery than I did today coming up in the train. It was very fine weather and as we had to go very slowly because of the uphill way we had plenty of time to look about. The mountains are simply huge on either side and on one side of the line there runs a river which is simply sweet and makes a tremens noise. The scenery reminded me very much of Scotland only of course here the mountains are covered with firs. This place Titisee is on a plateau and in front of our hotel is a lovely lake 3 miles long and 2 wide. After lunch Father and I went for a walk round the lake and I suppose I must have got my feet wet or something as ever since I have had a beastly cold. I went to a little shop here and bought two little Swiss chateaux and some tiny carved wooden animals for my collection.

August 21st
Spent the day in reading and writing letters as it poured without ceasing all day long. This place is certainly not exciting in wet weather. There are two Americans and two English here, added to this we have 50 fat Fraus yelling all round us, gracious how they talk. Their figures are like this:

One wouldn’t know one from the other, decayed lot, they are just like a collection of hens.

August 22nd
Today my cold was so bad that I had to stay in bed until 3.30, it is a bore. All day it poured so that we have decided to try and get away on Monday. I am so sorry as its a bad ending to our trip.

August 23rd, Sunday
Much brighter weather today and the Lake looks lovely but as my cold wasn’t better I had to stay in bed. I had a most amusing letter from Bill this morning which made me laugh.

August 24th
As the rain still continued today we determined to hoof it so accordingly we packed up our traps and started from here at 12 for Freiberg, where we arrived at 3. We then went into town and bought 2 cow bells and a cuckoo clock, after which we went to fetch my cape at the post office. We had the greatest difficulty in getting it and blessed the Brookfieldites for not having sent it sooner.

August 25th
We started for home this morning at 8.30. We stopped at Koln and visited the cathedral. We had a lovely crossing and arrived at Liverpool St at 8 the next morning.

August 26th
We just passed through town and went onto Brookfield. It was very nice seeing them all again. Now that I have returned from my lovely trip I shall say goodbye dear little diary once again until I have another time worth writing about.