March 1st, Sunday
Since the last dates here we haven’t done anything at all exciting so I haven’t taken the trouble to write about it. Yesterday we had very good news of the parents who are at present travelling in Italy: Naples, Rome, Florence, Lucerne is their route and to come home by Wiesbaden is their intention I believe so we’ll have them home in a week or so I suppose. We heard from them all about the Canal block, it must have been beastly, they were there for 4 or 5 blessed days and it was a German vessel and not a man-of-war that was blocked there. Went to church this morning and it rained the whole time.

March 2nd
On Sat I had a vile chain sent me and this morning I got another, both of which I did. I think I must be turning into an angel. Did nothing particular this day.

March 3rd
Did lessons in the morning and went for walk with the Hightons to Rushton and back. Somehow Ray and I got on ahead I don’t know how it happened! but we jawed the whole time and coming back we were caught in a pelting shower of rain which continued until evening. R told me rather a funny story about Mrs Barnet and Den. One day the latter called in and she said to him “Ah sir, I shall be glad when I’m gone” and he answered thinking she said something about the weather “Yes, so shall I”!!! What a fatal mistake.

March 4th, Wednesday
No news by the post whatever for anybody. We asked the Hightons over to tea tomorrow and I had a letter from R saying that they could come, that’s about the 100th note I’ve had from over there and I get so chaffed about it. Bill and I are painting a model together, its such fun and as it poured all day long we had a good long time at it. Its a blue teapot and cup with a fan at the back leaning against a terracotta background.

March 5th
We had lots of news from the “Parients” today. Mother wrote such an interesting letter form Rome and also sent me a post card which I am putting in here because its so pretty. Miss S having gone to Blandford we are having a good long time at our model. I had one of my chairs returned to me this morning which I instantly threw into the fire. The Hightons came to tea this afternoon. When tea was done we played all sorts of games amongst which was fortune telling. This was most amusing. Bill and I make it our business to chaff R who is the most nervous person I know I think but he is so good and takes it so well.

March 6th

March 7th
Went to our class this morning after which retired to the dentist where I had a tooth stopped and am going again next Saturday, how I hate him. We took our model to show Miss Coles and she was so nice about them and said ever so many nice things. After the dentist we went to lunch at the Daniels’ new house, they have it so nice now, everything is quite new. We had the sad news of poor old Col. Todd’s death. He had very severe bronchitis and died on Friday night, poor old man. He only last(ed) a few months after she did. In the afternoon we all went over to the Highton’s to tea, we played all sorts of silly games and told fortunes again. I of course got very chaffed, silly old apes they all are.
Last Thursday I had a letter from CWM. He is very well and seems in splendid spirits. (Diary then goes into private code: “he said so many sweet things that I feel quite embarrassed”). It was just 6 weeks since he wrote to us, bad boy.

March 8th, Sunday
Weather simply beastly, very muggy and yet raw. I don’t think the parents will like this cold. We heard from Mother this morning from Paris, they will be with us tomorrow evening (D.V.) “RSVP”, “I.O.U.”, “P.T.O.” etc.. hurrah!!
Picture of the household on the return of the:

(Parents are the two birds at the top…followed, right to left, by Miss Scratchley, the governess; Eva, Wynne’s elder sister; Ysobel Butler, her cousin; and Wynne. Below them sit the cat and Eleanore, Wynne’s grandmother, who appears to merit a much smaller cameo!)

Went to church and Mr Bulloch took the service, he is an awful man, at the second Creed he and the organist had a race with the latter beaten early but it was so ludicrous that in spite of its being the belief I am very much ashamed to say I laughed out loud. I did feel bad, perfectly ill from restrained laughter which wasn’t as restrained as it ought to have been. Everything seemed to go wrong this morning. The boy forgot to blow and the organist responded aloud without music and by himself!! He then had the above race, after which Mr Bulloch gave us the driest sermon. In fact one might say the “whilst his sermon is dry his walls were wet”!! Mr H came into tea this afternoon and we talked a long while and I wrote letters all the afternoon, one to The Earl (CWM). This morning I had one from E.A.W who took the chain I sent, good girl, Miss Shaw sent back hers, mean pig! and that’s about all I have to say for today, tomorrow will be the day to make entries!

(For CWM, see Love)