March 9th
This being the day of the parents return I have got a good deal to say but first of all I must say that in the afternoon of this day we had been invited to tea at the Pennys but I wrote and said I couldn’t come as we did not know what time they would arrive, but today we got a wire to say they would be with us at 7 o’clock so we could have gone after all, but in consequence of my note we didn’t but went for a walk instead upon the Rushton road hoping to escape seeing the Pennys. We passed their house in safety and as we were going up the road to Blandford it began to pour and at Down Barn Farm we saw the Daniels driving down the hill (they were going to teas at the Pennys) so to escape them we rushed into the farm on the pretence of getting shelter, but when we came out who should we meet but Amy Daniel who was riding! It was fate! We managed to escape with a long made up story and went on. We got just dripping wet and our hair got all draggled like rats’ tails. When we got home we had to change everything so we dressed and at 7 the parents arrived, it was nice having them again. Of course we had loads to say and that very evening M unpacked a lot of things. She brought me two turquoise brooches, one a butterfly which one clips on by his wings and the other a wee frog with a pearl stripe down his back. She also gave me some flowers for a hat and some curiosities for my cabinet among which was a rosary from Father made of eucalyptus wood and a most beautiful old Roman vase from the baths at Carra Calla (sic). Mother has bought herself some lovely old Tuscan peasants jewellery and one or two other things. They gave us all some lovely “Guiandinas” which will not take long to finish I’m thinking, also some eucalyptus liqueur from the Trappists at Rome . (The guiandinas Wynne mentions were probably chocolates – gianduja was a chocolate containing hazelnut paste, and was a well known speciality).

March 10th
Did nothing at all today but listen to the parents news of which they have a lot. I had a letter from Nellie Macnaughton and also from A.R who has at last thought it necessary to write to me, she is at the hospital at present and I jolly well know that it will be some time before I give her the pleasure of an answer.

March 11th, Wednesday
Today there was a very dull post and I didn’t get any letters at all. Mother and Bogel went into Blandford to the Presentation of Lord Portman’s picture. They say it was very good. This evening they got hold of this diary and made such fun of it, they were very much amused at the portrait of Miss S!

March 12th
Bogel has put me on an allowance now, 10/- a month for my boots and gloves. I like it awfully, its such fun having a little money of one’s own. The weather at present is vile and Mater says she is going straight back to Italy and I certainly don’t blame her. I forgot to say that yesterday afternoon the Highton’s came with us for a walk and also to tea, they all insisted upon having their fortunes told again and are all most amusing about it.

March 19th, Thursday
A week has elapsed since I last wrote this in which nothing particular has happened. Today is Mother’s birthday and I gave her a table hussiff made of white and yellow satin, rather neat. To me it was a red letter day. In the morning Bogel, Mater and I went into Blandford and ordered my bicycle!! I am nearly mad with joy. Its a “Sunbeam” with Dunlop tyres, and I am to get it sometime before Easter and until then Conyers is going to let me have one to ride. Its a dark cherry tipped with gold and I am going to have a brass plate put on it with my name and address thereon! I am so longing for it to come and I could go on talking about it for ages. We also had a most delightful afternoon – we all walked up to pick daffodils, and after having gathered a lot we walked back to the dog cart which we had left at Bit Cottage and had our tea, and then walked home. All the way we chaffed R(ay) H(ighton) about his different girls. He is an ape. As if it mattered to us if we know their names or not, still he is in an awful fright about us knowing them, old donkey. Eva was simply yelling all the time at his embarrassment and so were we.