March 20th, Friday
Bogel’s birthday. I gave him a new purse but it poured all day long so we couldn’t do anything.

March 21st
Painting class as usual in the morning, and Hightons in the afternoon. We played great games of “Bell and ?” for sweets which was very amusing. Also “Up Jenkins” in a new and very good way.

March 22nd
The Parents Silver Wedding Day. Eve and I got up very early to arrange all their presents. They had 10, our decanters, a match box from Bill, silver bowl from Gran, a sugar sifter from B.G.S., salt cellars from Uncle Walter, menu stands from Mrs Mangles, sugar bowl from Aunt Aimee, and tea caddy from Mrs Burn. Mother gave Bogel a gold watch and he to her a diamond necklace. Quite a collection. The weather was just beautiful in the morning but clouded over rather in the afternoon. A few days ago RH declared he never had a chance of making a face at us in church because we never looked his way, so we told him he wouldn’t have to complain of that today. Accordingly we both stared at him the whole service through, and I’m afraid he rather lost his temper over it which of course was of no matter to us as it made it all the funnier. Post has been so dull the last few days, I have’t had a letter for ages but as I owe a lot I don’t see how I can expect them.

March 23rd
My byke came today. It is a beautiful machine and I am perfectly wild about it and in the afternoon Bill and I went into Blandford and round home by Rushton. We called at the Pennys and had tea there. The ride down from B was just too heavenly and I long to do it again.

March 24th
Bill and I went for a ride up the valley and went and asked the Hightons afterwards to walk with us tomorrow.

March 25th
Mabel Marriott came over today so we couldn’t go with the Hightons but go tomorrow.

March 26th
Went over to the Hs to tea and also for a walk with them. We had evening church and that’s about all. One thing I do think and that is that RH is one of the most silly donkeys I know and I don’t feel in the least inclined to write a diary so I’ll jolly well shut up.

March 27th
Did lessons all morning, and cleaned my byke over which I’m more proud than ever.