December 1st, Thursday
We arrived at Mozufferpore at 12 and had to change, after which we were not disturbed again till Chupra which we reached about 9. There we were met by Harry McNamara and drove to the Club and had breakfast and then continued on our journey, 24 miles we had to drive. We passed through villages most of the time, little mud huts with tile or straw roofs and vegetable marrows creeping all over them. Of course they are all indescribably filthy and the streets are filled with pariahs, babies and bullocks. They plaster the walls with what’s vulgarly called cowpats!! with the intention of drying it for burning purposes. Elliot declares it smells lovely, just like peat and pine!! We arrived at Rancola at 3 and had breakfast and a wash. Harry arrived a bit later. I recognised Rancola at once and remembered it quite well from the last time I was here 11 years ago, it’s such a pretty place, an old factory and very roomy with a large verandah all round it and heaps of flowers and plants everywhere.

Dec 3rd, Saturday
Got up early and went riding to Gograha . We did a little hunting and rousted out a jack but he got away. At dinner we sat down 4 ladies and 6 men, quite a party. We had some songs, first Ell sang and I played and then we got Mr Stairs to sing “Drink Puppy Drink” and I don’t think I ever had harder work to keep back hysterics, the man had no more idea of a tune than the cat. After the concert we played all sorts of tricks on the men.
Ell has been asked to play cricket for Chupra against Mozufferpore on 6th and 7th so we leave here on 5th and return home on 9th. It may be fun as they say that perhaps there will be a hop. I have no hop clothes to wear so what I am going to do goodness only knows. I went all over the Indigo factory today with Harry who explained everything to me. It’s most interesting seeing how the bread and butter plant grows.

Dec 5th
Rode this morning. We took the dogs and had great run after a fox which we got out of the sugar cover. We chased him some way and then he got into cover again but I think he deserved to get away because he eluded us so very cleverly. Once two of the dogs got close up on either side and he jumped right over backwards and escaped!
I have a touch of the blues this afternoon. I just cant forget that never again shall I see the dear old Father who was always so dear to me. I know its morbid giving way but just now I picked up a piece of a letter to Harry in his writing and I suppose that’s what made me think of the matter.

Dec 6th
Oh, morning of mornings! What a ride we’ve had. We started away to the sugar cane when we routed out a jack who ran us into the factory and disappeared down a drain where we had to leave him. We went off and were told that a jack had run up the ditch into the same cane so we followed it up and it ran out on the other side and again we lost it and were almost quitting when the dogs put him out of a bit of grass. Away we went toward the factory again, and he ran us right through the kitchen garden and past the house and back into the cane where we lost him again. Both dogs and horses were quite dead when we finished.

(Wynne spent a lot of time riding, watching various sports and participating in house parties and evening games, including her having to play the piano and Ell occasionally singing in accompaniment. One of the things she noted was the extraordinary use of nicknames. As she says “I never saw such a place as India for nicknames, I don’t believe anybody is called by their real name”. A subject worthy of further study perhaps! She returned to Dokraha and stayed there until a visit to Sati. Before they leave one event interrupts their holiday).

Dec 15th
Such a horrid thing happened the other day, a dog which supposed to be mad rain into the compound and before it could be stopped bit poor little XIt, Butcher and Peppery. We are hoping against hope that it wasn’t really mad but have had to lock up all three. (They later had to be destroyed as they all became rabid).