October 18th, Tuesday
It is some time I see since I wrote. Well, I went up to London with the Mater and saw her off on the 5th after which I returned home. I had a good time in Town. On the 1st we went to “Lord and Lady Algy”, awfully good, and I just roared at Hawtrey in the drunken scene. I went to a Queens Hall concert which was very classical but I enjoyed it very much. On Monday morning I rushed down to Barkers shopping and tore back and met Mother at the Stores and did further shopping. That evening was one of the most amusing I ever spent. We gave a small dinner at the Club and then went to “The Runaway Girl” and had very good stall seats. The piece is most amusing, some very good songs and Ellaline Terriss is as sweet as ever. Tuesday brought us more shopping and hoards of people and the next day we got up early and rushed off to Charing Cross and were met by the usual crowd of “see-ers off”. Poor Mumsy was upset at going alone especially as we found it was unnecessary but its no use crying over spilt milk. I came straight home after that.
I had a ripping letter from Eve all about Dearest. I have been awfully worried lately as the report of my engagement has got all over the place out there. How one earth people get hold of these reports goodness knows, however I have written and contradicted it all so I hope people will mind their own business now.

Oct 19th
Rachel and I “turned out” all day, a very wet day. We did the schoolroom, smoking room and cupboard. As it poured all day it was just as well having something to do.

October 24th
Got up at 6.30, had breakfast at 8 and went and did a heap of shopping. Got back by 11.30 and resumed packing. All the baggage went today thank goodness. It is a relief to get it all off my mind. Ell was away shooting all day.

October 25th
Elliot went in and got vaccinated. Did more clearing out and busied myself with things in general. I have just finished Rupert of Hentzau and am charmed with it, but everybody gets shot in the end. I never saw such a clean sweep.