April 1st, Saturday
9 Engagements during 6 months!! (noted in the margin – Wynne is referring to her young female friends who have announced their impending marriages)
I have written this diary for just a year today and was thinking what a lot of people had got engaged during that time too.

April 9th, Sunday
How lazy I’ve been! I left Rancola on Monday. We had to ride half the way and rive the rest, all the way to Mozufferpore, 36 miles. I was tired. I then took the train to Bara expecting to see someone on the platform and saw nobody. There I was a little out of the way station with boxes strewn around me and scarcely a word of Hindostani! how on earth was I to get to the end of the remaining 17 miles? I sent a man to Bara factory to see if either of them were there and to my intense relief up drove Mr Frank W who explained with much contrition that he had gone to take his usual turn in after tiffin and his bearer never woke him in time! After a cup of tea at Bara we continued to Nuwada and found Aunt Fanny there. This is a jolly little factory and I have enjoyed my five days here. Everybody is mad on pig sticking.
I am the happy possessor of a niece!! Miss Winifred Eleanor Rose has arrived and both she and mother are doing well. It does seem funny to think of Eve with a baby.

April 10th
Drove to see Mrs Lees and Miss Lees. I am to be one godmother whilst Gran is another. They made me hold her and I was terrified lest I should drop it.

April 11th
Today we rushed off to Dokraha to pack. Started by the early train so had to get up at 4. Arrived and found that our wire had never reached CG so no dog cart was waiting. Sent a peon running to the bungalow and in two hours the cart appeared. We drove out and packed hard all day, got all our things done and came away by the night train. I felt sad at leaving Dokraha and CG but shall see them latter again.

April 14th
Had another letter from Major Jack saying he is taking rooms for us at Watson’s Annexe Hotel and we are to dine with him at the Yacht Club on Friday evening. How awfully nice it will be to see him again. I hear the home mail is in Bombay so I hope we get it all right before we leave as it is the last one we shall have before sailing.

April 16th, Sunday
Went to service. This was the first opportunity of going to Holy Communion since I left England, the third time at Church.
The little church was quite full. We returned and packed till tiffin time.

April 19th, Sunday
Started at 12.30 in the broiling heat. I don’t know when I’ve been so hot. Arrived at Bankipore at 7, and Mrs Blythe gave us dinner. We went to bed at 9.30 and got up at 3 to catch our train. They have an awfully nice house. Mr B was away on opium duty so we did not see him. We rushed to the station but the train did not arrive until past 5!

April 20th/21st
Got through this day and the next in comparative ease. It was filthy dirty but with many cats washing we managed to keep at least our faces clean. When we got to Bombay station we found Col Sewell and Major Jackson awaiting us. Drove to Watsons Annexe. We had a very cheery little meal and afterwards all went and sat outside on the verandah. We had not been there many minutes when Mother and Col S took their departure to the other end and left us along. It was then that Herbert Jackson asked me to marry him and I consented. He is 20 years older than I , and if he were 100 it wouldn’t make the slightest difference to me. I am not going to say any more about it except that I cant yet believe in my good fortune and only hope I’m good enough for him. It is not to be given out until next Autumn when he hopes to come home and get an English station.