April 22nd, Saturday
As soon after breakfast as possible we all hurried to the Stores and did our commissions. Herbert has given me the dearest little brooch, it is a circle of 7 different stones, each repeated twice, so uncommon and so neat. We drove to the Ballard Pier when I had to say goodbye to my Dearest as he was not able to get hold of a pass to come on board. Oh that the next 6 months would pass, I hate to think of him toiling and moiling in that boiling Karachi.

April 23rd
Once again I find myself on board a P&O. Got on board at 11 yesterday and found a very nice cabin companion, Lady Symons. We have made up a party for meals but were unable to get a side table.

April 24th, Monday
One day of the voyage is over, hurrah! I am longing to get home as I cannot get a line form HK until the mail after I arrive. Yesterday there was a service in the saloon and as there is no clergy on board the Captain read it. For breakfast we have bagpipes to announce it and for lunch and diner a bugle, quite grand. I am writing with a Stylo that HK gave me, such a nice one and it is so useful on board for writing outside.
I don’t think the “coming home” passengers are as amusing as the “going out” ones, but we had some rather good singing last night. Very stupidly we left both our deck chairs in Bombay and now have had to get hold of two ship abominations, canvas horrors.

April 25th
My goodness it is hot. We get up at an unearthly hour and have to wait centuries for breakfast. Th cabin is unbearable. We get into Aden this evening, almost half way home!
Got into Aden at 8 and left at 12. It was so hot that we slept on deck, having the upper end of the port side netted off for us.

April 27th, Thursday
Hotter than ever. We are in the Red Sea now and hope to get to Port Said on Monday and Marseilles tomorrow week. Had a concert in the evening, absolutely rotten. Fighting with our stable companion who insists on having her boxes in the middle of the cabin!

April 29th
Slept on deck and had a ripping night. It was hot but the weather is just ripping now. Yesterday we passed the dear old “Egypt”, nice nice boat. What times we had on her and what a contrast to this stuffy lot.

April 30th
It has suddenly turned awfully cold, everybody bringing their warm clothes already. We arrive at Port Said early tomorrow but are in quarantine worse luck and have to stay on board all day during coaling.