February 1st, Wednesday
Came here to the Macnaghtons for two days after which we return to our happy home.

Feb 2nd
Bicycled in the morning with Nora and as we passed through the bazaar we saw the weirdest thing, a human being which went along on it hands and knees as it was absolutely deformed. It made me feel quite sick.

Feb 3rd
Left Macs at 12.30. Edie brought a photo of the Bettiah Meet for us, what a jolly set of frights we look.

Feb 4th
Fearfully distressed today to hear that our dear little Hermiston is ill and we cannot think what is the matter.
(Hermiston was Wynne’s favourite horse).

Feb 5th
The pony is dead. Cecil thinks it got a chill and complications set in. This morning it went mad and flew at everybody so had to be shot. Cecil has one of his silent fits on and we are all beside ourselves with depression. Ell gave it to Eve as a wedding present.

From 9th to 12th they attended various cricket matches at another Meet, and then it was back to Dokraha until 19th when they left to go on another trip. stopping first at Byreah where Wynne went on a duck shoot on the lake, then on to another factory called Sepayah which they reached on 21st. On 23rd they reached the big Meet, 65 people, most in tents which she thought awfully pretty amongst the trees. There was the usual hunting and evening dancing and Wynne won a silver heart-shaped box as a prize for shooting. They finally got home on 26th. The entries consist mostly of the names, hence the above summary, but here are two different entries, one of great import for the future:
Feb 19th
We left this day for Byreah. I got another letter from Major Jack (Jackson), such a nice long one, he says that as he has leave in April he is coming to see me off at Bombay. I think its just dear of him.

Feb 24th, Friday
We went to a Durbar this evening held by the little Rajah who is 6 years old. All shook hands with him and were presented with gold thread necklaces. A few ladies then went to see the Rani after which we all went into the courtyard and watched fireworks. Great excitement was caused by one Catherine wheel which coming off its frame dashed into the crowd and the more they flew the faster it pursued them! We then returned to dinner and the dance began after.