July 1st, Saturday
I have been frightfully lazy in writing my diary and have left out the whole of June. I am very disgusted at having been such a poop but luckily nothing very exceptional has happened. I went to the Hardwoods for Derby Week which I enjoyed immensely, never having seen anything like if before. I was with them for a week and whilst there went up to Town and got photoed. The proofs have arrived and are put down as a success thank goodness. Every week I get my treat from HK, only last mail I was disappointed and nearly had a fit, I hope nothing is the matter.

July 19th
I am so slack about writing. We have just had a ripping fortnight in Town but don’t remember half the things that happened. We went to innumerable theatres: The Manoeuvres of Jane, The Lady of Ostend, Robespierre, Pot Pourri etc, also the opera one night when Bedford lent Mother the box. Lohengrin was playing and I enjoyed it frightfully. We spent three days at Lords and loved it as much as usual. On the first day it was cold and rainy and as we had seats in the open this wasn’t quite so amusing. Behind me there sat a mad woman who carried on a continuous conversation all afternoon. Then she said to the man who was with her “now I am going to rest for a little”, quietly settling down to sleep. She also then proceeded to dig her umbrella four times into my hat and hairnet, but failing to drag either off. I was exceedingly relieved to take the temptation of my hat and net away from her. Why do such poor unfortunates come to cricket matches? On the third day I went with the Butlers and met CWM. I was indeed glad and surprised and had a long long talk with him and “had it out”, it was best and I was frightfully relieved and very much afraid how he would take it however he was awfully nice about it and afterwards wrote me a charming letter, poor old man. I hope he’ll forget all about it now. I hear every week from HK and know I have done the right thing.

July 23rd, Sunday
Since Wednesday we have been doing nothing in particular, playing tennis, working, gardening etc. Uncle Arthur came yesterday and goes back with the girls (Yso and Brenda). I expect he is a great help to Mother in business and the lawyers are teazing us so again. I have been reading a most interesting book lately, “An Idler in Old France” by Tighe Hopkins. It deals with all the old manners and customs of the French Courts and surroundings going as far back as the 13th century. Now I am in the middle of Quo Vadis, such a weird book.