March 2nd, Thursday
Wrote to Major Jackson, a judicious letter I hope, I cannot make him out quite. I do hope I am not wrong in writing to him, as he – no, I can’t express what I want to say so I’ll leave it.

March 3rd, Friday
Started for Pursa at 8.30 and were met by Mr Canning. P is an awfully pretty place and such lovely flowers, a large bungalow with an upper room and flower beds all round the place.

March 4th
Went riding with “the old man of Pursa” (ie: Mr Canning). We went shooting and he got 17 quail and 6 snipe. He is a crack shot and has this year got over 1100 off his own gun alone. He has everything so smart and gives one such dinners one might be dining at the Dieudonné, always fizz for dinner.

March 5th
Last night we went to see the Roman Catholic Mission. It is taken care of by 3 nuns and 2 priests, such very nice people. They have close to a 100 people there. Mother talked German to them and they were awfully pleased to see her. It seems too fearful to think there is no possible chance of any of them returning to their homes, one sees here what real self denial is.

March 6th, Monday
Drove to see Mr Moor, there was also his sister and father, such funny people, regular Anglo-Indian, none of them had ever been out of India but were Dutch and not “half casts”. The bungalow was large and could have been pretty but on entering one was struck with the conviction that the inmates lived entirely for sport. The verandah was littered with pig spears, guns, trophies etc. In the dining room on shelves were rows and rows of boar skulls, baskets of preserving fruit, egg boxes and a huge medicine shelf. Added to all this they had sixteen dogs, an aviary full of canaries, an antelope, a nilgy, and 8 or 10 horses!!

March 12th, Sunday
Mother returned from Calcutta today and says that the heat down there is frightful. She did all her business and soon I hope our money affairs will be a bit more settled. All the last week the days have passed one like another, and Eve and I have been busy packing things for Motihar. Mother and I started off for Motihar in the evening train. We travelled with old Macpherson who is to put us up till the 15th when Eve and CG come in. We got the home quite ready for them when they came in on 15th.

March 17th
Major Jack’s birthday! I am disgusted my letter will not reach him in time. Last mail I had one from CWM. They are not going to operate on the bullet which is in his head as they say it would be too dangerous. He says he is having a good time but I can see so plainly the vein of cynicism which runs through all his letters, poor old man.

March 27th
A week has elapsed since I last wrote. We are at Rancola after having been to Dokraha to pack up Ell’s things. Great consternation has been created by the news that the plague has got into Durbungar (sic), Patna, Mozufferpore and Sarun. The latest mortality is 74.

March 29th
Today was the day of our pigstick. Got up at 4 and left the bungalow before 5.30. 11 of us. Rode for three miles and then began beating the cover. A huge pig came out and looked at us but went back again and we lost him. All day had no luck and only killed one which turned out to be a sow. I don’t thing I ever came across such cruel riding, nothing but sand from one end to the other.

March 31st
Good Friday. I have only just remembered it, how little one thinks of these sort of things out here. I have only had the chance of going to church twice since I’ve been out here! Ell left for Burhoga today and I am afraid there is no possible chance of seeing him again before we leave.