May 1st, Monday
Arrive at Port Said at daybreak and woke up to the terrible row of coaling. Got up early, couldn’t get a bath and found everything in a filthy mess. A lot more passengers came on board so we are full up now.

May 2nd, Tuesday
I hear there is to be a dance tonight, but dancing on board is a bit of a farce as one is always sliding up and down. I have just finished “The Light that Failed” by Kipling, such a sad story but very well told. Just before I read his “Naulakha” but was very disappointed in it. Sea still calm but cold and grey, so different from a few days ago!

May 3rd
Last night we celebrated with a very good little dance but the floor was so slippery that it was almost impossible to stand. Today the ship is rolling and pitching and I am feeling a bit sicky. Had a great game of deck billiards but got beaten as my partner was so rotten.

May 4th
Passed through the Straits of Messina at dinner last night so saw nothing of them but after dinner the lights of Messina itself were lovely. We are busy packing today, such a muddle in our cabin, a conglomeration of boxes, boots, brushes , handkerchiefs, clothes etc.

May 5th
Last Day! What a scramble. It was a fearful business finding all our luggage, like a needle in a haystack, but we managed fairly soon and drove off to the hotel where we had tea. Afterwards we went for a long drive all round the garden and town, such lovely scenery and weather.

May 6th, Saturday
Arrive in Paris after quite a good journey at about 9.30 and went straight to the “Continental”, it is a ripping hotel. We got a small but decent room and paid the sum of 15 francs a day for it. We had not arrived many minutes when who should come into the room of all people but Aunt Aimee and her Wow honeymooning!! I don’t know which party was more astonished. He is a funny little pog, fat, bald, oldish and has a violent laugh such as a fat guinea pig would have!! As soon as we had washed and eaten we set out to glue noses to window panes, and glue we did until tea. We bought ourselves 2 hats each. I also got a new umbrella, gloves etc. In the evening we had a great treat and went to see Sarah Bernhardt in “La Dame aux Camélias”. She is just splendid, such a wonderful actress, so absolutely natural and I never saw a woman weep on the stage like she did. It is a very affecting piece. The audience being French and consequently very emotional were all howling and sniffling and blowing noses to such an extent that one could scarcely hear what was being said on stage. Mother and I nearly had hysterics listening to them, thank goodness English people don’t go on in for such a ridiculous manner.

May 7th
Today being Sunday is naturally the gayest in Paris, everybody turns out in their smartest do and goes to the Salon so we did likewise. It is excellent this year but some of the pictures are weird and ghastly. We went round and round till our eyes and heads ached, had dinner early, and went to bed because were so fagged.

May 8th, Monday
Whole day spent travelling home. Had a pigs crossing but I didn’t disgrace myself. I was thankful to get to London again. Stayed at the Club