May 9th, Tuesday
Once again to be in London, what joy! Went to the stores and met Mother at Marshall and Snelgrove. Had some luncheon at St James and then took a hansom to see Linda who is in hospital but who we found looking well.

May 10th
Mother and I both to the stores after breakfast, and at 1.30 went to the Piccadilly Club where we had an excellent luncheon. After lunch we went back to the Club to have tea to which Gran, the Butlers and the Bunting came. It was ripping seeing them again, especially my dear Bill (Yso – later Ysobel Vanrennan). Gran seemed younger if anything. Bunting came to dinner and took us to the theatre. We went to see “The Belle of New York”, which is very American but to my mind excellent and funny and we all just shrieked.

May 11th, Thursday
The day has come for returning to dear old Brookfield. How lovely it seemed to be back again. It made me quite sick to find CWM’s initial in the Wilderness beech tree and the little grave we dug into it too, however that is all over and done with although it saddens me to look back on. The Island looks lovely, so full of flowers. I cant think how Hebbditch could have got it all so nice and smart.

May 12th
Today nothing would do for us but that we must rush over to Chettle to see all the nice Castlemans. It was ripping seeing them all again.

May 13th, Saturday
Tooled into Blandford today on our cycles. We found ourselves awfully out of condition. I tidied up the schoolroom and tore up loads of letters.

May 14th
A morning of great excitement as the Indian is in and I had 5 letters from Eve, Hw, Frankie, McN, the Kikeer and my dearest HKJ. He wrote me such a dear letter so characteristic of himself, and 6 long sheets. Have got a devil’s cold so had to stay in bed for breakfast an indoors all day long.

May 15th
I have ordered a new diary from the stores. Frightfully busy unpacking all our things. I am sick of standing on my head in boxes.

May 18th
Unpacked more and more boxes which have all arrived from the Caledonia. Good old Adie turned up today, it was jolly to see him again. I hear CWM is at Hythe now going through a course of musketry before he leaves for Malta.

May 20th, Saturday
This is the last day that I shall write of in this diary, and a jolly wet one it is too. Such beastly weather we are having. I am longing for tomorrow morning’s post, oh pray that I mayn’t be disappointed. Goodbye dear old diary, and thanks for helping me to remember all the good times.

(Wynne had added the first part of 1899 to her 1898 diary. The next volume starts in July 99, and continues until February 1901).