November 19th
Quite a long time has elapsed and such a lot has happened. I see in my last entry I hadn’t even got news that Dearest had had his leave granted. Well one day I received a wire saying “leave Oct 20th”. My excitement knew no bounds. He arrived in good time and now our engagement has been given out. At first he was transferred to Clonmel and now he writes that they have sent him to Aldershot. This he hates, the place is quite deserted in consequence of the war. As yet he has not been able to get leave but his present plans are to come here on Wednesday, stay a week and then I am to go back with him to his family. It will be a most fearful ordeal and I am terrified! I tell him he will have to back me up like mad!! We hope to be married sometime in April or June.
For the last month the War has been in everybody’s mind, thoughts and conversation. In fact it is of course the topic of the day and one dreads to read the papers for fear of what one will see, the accounts of the Boer treachery are simply incredible, of course there is no doubt much that is untrue and exaggerated but the constant report of firing on the white flag and ambulance cannot all be untrue. Mother had a letter from Gen Darling yesterday, he is now on the Relief column of Kimberley so I expect has by now seen some sharp fighting. It is dreadful how many poor fellows have been killed and wounded, we know quite a number.