June, which was to have been such an eventful month has passed away with little to mark it save disappointment and anxiety.
The Coronation which had so long been anticipated and looked forward to by thousands was postponed two days before it was to have taken place owing to the serious illness of the King. We were in Town at Holland House Rose Show the day this disastrous piece of news was announced, everything was all but prepared and finishing touches were being put to the tremendous decorations and huge stands. About the middle of the day the news came and almost directly the work of demolition commenced, now London is in a state of undress, half the work remains whilst the other half has disappeared again, one couldn’t realize all it meant, the return of troops, royal visitors and disappointment of all concerned. I write this about the middle of this month and the King has so far recovered for arrangements to be made concerning the coronation which is to be hoped will take place during the second week of August.
Mother came up to us and we had a very jolly week, in spite of the disappointed (sic), it was awfully nice having her as usual, and we were sad when she left. The Rose Show which was held in the grounds of Holland House was of course delightful, though roses were certainly in the minority the season being late and also an indifferent one, but such a display of carnations, begonias, orchids and such things as annuals I have never seen. I think though, that the House itself and gardens fascinated me as much. We met Mabel early in the day and after we had seen flowers enough and eaten lunch we went all over the gardens. People were not admitted into the house, but the perfect picturesque appearance of it gave one an idea how beautiful the interior must be. It is built of very old red brick and white stone and was erected in the year one I should think!
The property belongs to the Earl of Ilchester and has done so for centuries, there is a certain ball room in the house that was prepared for a ball that was to have been given to Charles 1 but on account of non arrival it was put off. The room however is the same now as it was then, curtains, hangings, wall papers etc…all the same.
The month is nearly over and where it has gone goodness only knows, the first week or so the weather was warm but ever since rough dark days and a fitful climate has been our lot. Today, the 29th, it is blowing a hurricane and I can only have the windows open an inch or two as the draughts are frightful. It is a real pity that we have had such a vile summer. This week August comes and on its heels we may look for autumn, it all brings one so near winter which I dread.