February 1st, Saturday
Pink is a shade better but still in bed. My morning was taken up with odd jobs and Nurse Parker who is no end of a sticker. I was disappointed in not getting my mail today, it always comes on Saturday.

Feb 2nd
A perfect day, brilliant sunshine. Poggy went to the troop service and I joined him at 12.15 for the Sacrament which we had in the little “chancel” and at which just ourselves and Major Emery were present. It was all very nice and quiet and nothing to distract ones thoughts from the beauty of it all.

Feb 3rd, Monday
The mail came in this morning, bringing the sad news that Yso’s baby was born on 2nd Jan dead. They say she had been doing too much that the child had got into the wrong position and that an operation was necessary, poor dear old thing. One can tell nothing from her letter yet I feel sure it was a horrible disappointment to her. 
The world at large is convulsed by the horrible news of the assassination of King Carlos of Portugal and his son. These two with the Queen and the younger son were driving from one palace to another when they were set on by revolutionaries and shot. Prince Manuel was wounded too but the Queen was untouched. It is a frightful thing and one can hardly realize the horror of it all.