March 1st, Sunday
No diary has been written for a long time, nearly a month now, because on 7th Feb there arrived brought by the stork a little Miss Jackson and consequently I have been slacking ever since. I am back in the drawing room today for the first time and it feels so strange being about again and feeling like other people once more, quite delightful and how pleasantly I miss the drawbacks of the last few months. The little miss arrived a week too soon. Cookie was expected the next day and so of course wasn’t there but we were able to get Nurse Parker and wired for Dr Ord so all went well.

March 2nd
Miss Cookson has been my greatest blessing and what am I going to do without her all this time I cant imagine for she goes at the end of the week. I have caught the children’s cold and am feeling wretched but am congratulating myself on being about once more.

March 4th, Wed
A white world this morning and I should think a good foot of snow. I took my first walk abroad and oh, how lovely it felt to be out, almost worth being in bed so long.

March 5th
The days at present pass one another in monotonous regularity. I do not get up to breakfast yet and pass a generally slack day. The little Poushkin is doing very well and gives no trouble at all.

March 6th
Alas! Miss C has gone and I feel lost without her. Although I have already two children, yet in Nannies (sic) day I left everything to her and feel hopelessly inexperienced and of course Maggie is more so, but I suppose we shall manage.

March 7th, Saturday
Dr Ord came and vaccinated Miss today. The poor wee one howled a little as he dug his horrid knife into her but she is too good to mind much. He did 3 places and I suppose this day week we shall know it.

March 8th
I made my debut at church this morning. It seemed so odd being there again as I had not been for weeks. To tea came Capt Newcome and our little Chaplain Rowan. He is such a nice little Irishman, such a brogue about which we are always chaffing him.

March 9th
Took quite a long walk today. It seems quite odd being able to walk again.

March 11th
My dear little son is still seedy. I am such an idiot about them, directly they get anything the matter with them I am so anxious. His throat is swollen and ulcerated but he is wonderfully bright and cheerful and I paint it constantly with tannin and glycerine.