March 14th, Saturday
Dr Ord came and pronounced the baby’s arm as satisfactory, only one place has taken but he says it’s all right and she has had no trouble whatever. I am so thankful. Pinkie is also all right again.

March 15th, Sunday
After church we went to lunch at the Geddes, there we met old General Spragge, Mrs G’s father. Came home at 3 and to tea came Capt King, Mr Merriman Boyce, and Capt Twydale. The latter is nice but very plain with eyes on sticks, no chin or back to his head!

March 16th
My dearest left today for Weymouth, there to attend a Staff Ride. I miss him very much.

March 17th
This is Poggy’s birthday. I have presented him with a carpenter’s book and a gardening book, so handsome of me.

March 20th
Poggy returned today, it is most delightful having him again. On the side I stick a strange photo which Maggie had taken as a surprise! The children look like stuffed pigs.

March 23rd, Monday
Mary came today for the baby’s christening tomorrow. She brought with her such lovely flowers, violets, azaleas, snowdrops etc and my room is a mass of them now. She seems wonderfully fit and cheery, but she is always better when away from home.

March 24th, Tuesday
Today is the baby’s christening. Mr Wingate came all the way from home (ie: Brookfeild, Tarrant Keyneston) for it and Mr Searle did the ceremony. We have called her Eleanore Mary, her godparents being Mr Wingate, Mary, Gran and Joe Hurdwood. She cried just enough for luck and afterwards we came back and drank her health. Mr Wingate brought some flowers from Mrs Belben and Mrs Coombs (ie: Tarrant villagers). I was much touched by their thought of me.

March 25th
Mary alas is seedy with a headache and I have persuaded her to lie down. I went to a Mothers Meeting and found only 7 there. Mrs Wilson and that most objectionable Mrs Bruce were taking it. May I never meet her again.

March 26th
Mary left us today. Poor old Mary, how tiring it must be always having to take each item in one’s daily life so seriously and making mountains out of every tiny molehill.

March 29th, Sunday
Church in the morning and a lot of callers to tea, all dull and unprofitable.