April 1st, Thursday
Ever since early dawn Young has been at his yearly tricks with the maids, sending them to me when I never rang etc…so that when I did ring they wouldn’t come! He is ever green and young!
I left at 10 for home as I have to be there a few days with dear Gran whilst Mother goes to Town which she sadly needs. It was nice getting a glimpse of her and we sat up quite late bucking about everything and anything. We went round the garden and found everything so much improved. Blake has really worked wonders and I do hope he’ll stay and settle down. Mother is such a cripple that it is a pain to her to drag one leg after another.

April 2nd
I went into Blandford and saw Mother off on the 10.43. Mr Wingate came in at 2 and stayed talking till 6! We talked over the affairs of the nation, the village, the Rectory and ourselves till I really began to think we were wound up warranted to go for a year|!

April 4th, Sunday
I went to church this morning taking Gran too. It was a beautiful day and so I only hope she may not take harm. Win and I went up to Ashley to pick primroses, it was perfectly lovely up there and the flowers in profusion.

April 5th
I got such a worrying letter from Eve yesterday about Win’s arrangements. Mother had fixed up the necessary arrangements for her to go to Sherborne and wrote to tell Eve. Six days ago she gets a wire to say “Stop Sherborne, written” and now Eve’s letter arrives asking me to go down to Milford on Sea, some outlandish place near Southampton to interview a Mrs Benton where she thinks she would like Win sent. I am not going to do anything until a letter of the same date as the wire comes in case it is some new plan. She says please go at once and wire result but I couldn’t get back the same day and a night’s lodging and wire would come to about 30/- and I haven’t the wherewithal for these wild goose chases. I can’t conceive that they have upset Mother’s plans for the child just for a rotten idea like this. I am really cross!!

April 6th, Tuesday
I left home this morning at 10. I went to Grateley where Poggy met me and we drove straight to Shipton Bellinger where our Pt to Pt races were. On arrival we found a great crowd assembled and we spent a delightful afternoon. The Bulford cup was again won by Mr St Clair on “Follow me Wisely”, the Ladies harrier cup to which eleven of us subscribed was won by Mr Rich. I had to give away the cups at the end.

April 7th
I thought the above picture rather quaint, what many garbs fashion devises. It is most extraordinarily hot and one gasps in ones winter clothes. I took my Mothers Meeting but the weather was so fine that very few turned up. When it is so lovely they like to get out for a walk with their men as Wednesdays are half holidays.

April 8th, Thursday
This is Holy Week, so depressing I find. How I envy those happy people who are contentedly settled in their mind on every point and just browze along. After service I took Mr Tobias with a waggon and three men up to the Plantations to gather green stuff for the Easter decorations.

April 9th, Good Friday
I cannot help being glad that I am not in a civilian element with their depressing lengthy services of gloom. Here we have the usual short and appropriate service and a nice one in the evening. I spent the whole afternoon on my back in the Sling and just love it. The heat was tremendous and clouds of lazy insects drowsed through the still warm air whilst the pines above cracked and cracked again from the hot sun which was searching out the resin in their bones. One felt the sap rising all around one and in one. Mother writes that in spite of Eve’s protestations she and Mrs Lees have decided on sending Win to Sherborne and I am very glad but what will Eve say, oh my! oh my!