April 10th, Saturday
I spent a warm and moist morning doing decorations. We did both the Institute and the Chapel and the flowers which came from Scilly were lovely.

April 11th
We went to early service in brilliant sunshine and to Parade Service likewise but after lunch it suddenly became cold and dark and by night I realized i had caught a chill and in terror of a repetition of flu I went to bed. My legs and arms were “hairy” and I felt a true worm.

April 12th
Spent the whole day in bed aching in every joint. Capt Storrs came and administered a vile concoction and by evening I felt a bit better.

April 13th, Thursday
To my great surprise I found myself ever so much better and arose from my couch, much relieved that it wasn’t flu. I had to drive out on business after lunch but returned to tea as it was Nootles birthday and she had a lot of kids in.

April 15th
The weather is warm and sunny and although things are backward and the country is still bare and brown it is beginning to look more fluffy and solid. I think our dear garden ought to look sweet this year. We have peas and beans well up and a great many of the cabbage tribe but as usual a host of beasts there to eat them.

April 16th, Friday
I took Pinkie to the hospital to have his burnt hand dressed this morning. He fell on the stove 3 days ago inflicting a horrible burn across his palm but is it healing well. At 12.30 H and I rode out to Lark Hill taking sandwiches with us and watched the shooting. We sat on the flagstaff mound with Major Norris and Capt Oldfield and basked in the lack of sun. On our way back it began to spit and by 3 was pouting. I was awfully sorry as today was the last nursing lecture and consequently only about seven turned up.

April 17th, Saturday
Herbert, the children and myself went to Brookfield today to stay till Tuesday for Mother’s Easter Egg hunt on Monday. We arrived at lunch and after all flew off to Ashley to gather primroses. It was all too lovely, a perfect carpet of flowers, primroses like a yellow carpet, and anemones dotted about like stars. On returning we found Lady D’Oyly and Mr D at tea, also Capt Vaughan Sawyer who had come to stay. He is a friend of Elliot’s, a man with one arm having lost the other from having been badly mauled by a panther in India!

April 18th, Sunday
A glorious day, I longed to spend it in the woods but spent the morning in church according to custom. After lunch to Ashley. There is no sensation that quite comes up to a perfect Spring day in an English flower wood.

April 19th, Monday
To Preston in the morning to gather moss for the Easter Hare’s basket. We found the whole ground carpeted with violets and when we had sufficient moss we set to and gathered heaps. What is it that fascinates me so about Preston? The mysterious silence, the many bird calls? Or is it the far off remembrance of hours spent there on my back as a girl with “Bunyip Land” and Mowley sweets to add to my delight? It was a day upon which to lay one’s ear against the ground and listen to the sap rising around one, in the trees, the birds, the air, for I am sure that all nature feels this way on such a day.
After lunch 13 children arrived and a grand Egg Hunt ensured. Mother gave them such lovely eggs and by night my own were tired but full of excitement and joy.