December 1st, Wednesday. Brookfield.
We left Springfield by the 11.0 and reached home after a very decent journey at 4 to find it frightfully cold. We found all well.

Dec 2nd
A day of settling in and distributing our things all over the place.

Dec 5th, Sunday
A bright clear day and off to church but the children have started colds so we sent them for a walk instead. Felt so seedy in the evening I went to bed.

Dec 6th
Spent all day in bed feeling a beast with a frantic chill

Dec 7th
A bit better and about again but at 11 had a shock. They came to me just after Mother had left for Town to say Gran was ill so in I rushed and found her unconscious, having one of her strange attacks, but we somehow managed to get her to bed and very soon after the wonderful old thing was perfectly well and had remembered nothing about it.

Dec 8th, Wednesday
I went off this morning to Town to keep my appointment with Mr Waggett, putting up with Miss Horn at 2 Pelham Place whose house Mother has taken for Jan, Feb and March. Waggett examined me and said on account of my cold he could do nothing for me. He sent me back to bed with a patent medicine and told me to return next morning.

Dec 9th
I spent a most restless night what with a concert from Mother! in whose bed I slept and having to wake every four hours to take this vile concoction and all to no avail because Waggett could do nothing so Mother and I returned by the 1.0.

Dec 10th, Friday
A pouring wet day. We are frightfully busy cutting out millions of pictures for scrapbooks, pasting them in, finishing off various gifts and pearls of price and through it all sounds of sneezes, coughs and trumpet blast ring through the air.

Dec 11th
Another pouring day, where does it all come from. A second deluge is upon us. I didn’t leave the house but as many things were needed Poggy braved the elements and sallied forth to Blandford like a dove from the ark whilst we did scapbooks all day.

Dec 13th
The days are flying by, Xmas is threatening us with its approach and there are bout 40 things more to do. We are getting that peculiar feeling of breathlessness that only comes at Xmas time!!

Dec 15th
Today we went to Bournemouth to the Macleans. The motor was to have been here at 12 but never turned up till 12.30 and then refused to move and did not start until a quarter to two. We were supposed to lunch at 1 and didn’t arrive until 3, and as the theatre (Henry of Navarre) to which they had asked us began at a quarter to three we missed a good deal but enjoyed it all the same and returned to their house for tea. They sent us home in their motor, a good one this time, and we got back at about 7.