At Springfield

February 1st, Monday
A new month and a new week to begin it on and a new resolution to be less fretful! We left home at 10 for Springfield, our journey was very crowded but successfully carried out and the children never behaved better. We had an hour to wait at Liverpool Street so we took Pinkie and Nootie for a walk and came upon Wisby’s in Bishopgate St and the children’s delight in the endless array of toys was wonderful to see. They settled with violent dispute which they wanted and shrieked so loudly with excitement that everyone looked and laughed.

February 2nd,
The Bishop of Colchester’s things were all sold today by auction, the first of a three day sale. Poggy and I spent the day there but as the china and glass were sold during the lunch hour we missed them and that was really the only thing we went for. Some things fetched absurd prices and others absolutely nothing. It was held in a tent and the cold was awful, especially under foot. Mother and Mary are much better than we anticipated.

Here is a picture of Emin Bey, so like I had to stick it in.

Feb 3rd
Very dark and blowing a gale and horribly cold. I did not stir from the house. We lead a simple life here such as I fancy Maria Edgeworth must have led, one day passes from the next in simple monotony and the days fly by. It is all very peaceful. The daily life of these folk is filled with Mothers Meetings, Girls Sewing Classes, District visiting and Church. Also each post brings in some news of the immense family which is discussed ad nauseam with much interest whether trivial or important.

Feb 4th

A glorious day though rather a high wind. I am sitting in the shelter thoroughly at peace and alone. The children are playing with two go carts somewhere and H writing letters indoors. We all went down to town this morning. I got my hair washed and H his cut so the family is neat and clean.

Feb 5th, Friday
Herbert and I braved the elements which have been uproarious all day and walked down to town but I didn’t enjoy it much. Mabel arrived from Grafton at tea time. Glad as I am to meet her again yet the cause of her coming is bad, her heart has been troubling her and she has come down here in order to be examined by Dr Storrs as he knows her case. She is anxious to be quite fit by the time she leaves England in the autumn for Mission work.

Feb 6th
This morning we awoke to find a world white with hoar frost but now at 12.15 it has all gone. I am sitting out in the shelter enjoying my own society but the birds are good company and all around I can hear their gossip. Robins, thrushes, starlings and in the distance that odd noise so closely resembling a child’s wooden rattle that a woodpecker makes. He is a great ventriloquist and often when one thinks him quite close he is in reality far away. I can hear one now so loud that it might be at my side yet there is not tree close. The starlings sound very busy, and I wonder if they are thinking of mating yet the official day is not until February 14th as everyone knows.

Feb 7th, Sunday
My baby’s first birthday and she has during the last week begun to crawl. We awoke today to a white world. Jack Frost had breathed upon everything and the sun rose in a red ball making everything look pink. It was very cold but so beautiful. We went to early service and after to Matins.

Feb 8th
Mabel left this morning. I went down into the town twice and at 4 strolled over to see Mrs Cox (the coachman’s wife) with whom I had a long buck.