February 10th, Wednesday
I have received a dreadful disappointment this morning, a letter from White T asking me to go to a dance at Woolwich on the 22nd. A wet blanket descended upon me as I read it as I knew we shouldn’t go as the next day we go to Bulford. One never can seem to do the things one wants to in this world and I suppose it is chastening but not very invigorating I find.

Feb 11th
I have not been out today. It has snowed and rained in turn. I was much interested in a box of treasures Mother brought out to show me. It was her dressing case given her at her marriage, made of rosewood bound in brass, lined with cherry coloured leather tooled in gold. Therein lay all her jewels, such a funny and interesting odd collection mostly dating from the time of her marriage and before, innumerable rings, pendants, brooches and almost all containing the hair of some long ago relative. There were also whole bracelets of plaited hair, weird things, which gave me the creeps.

Feb 12th, Friday
Drove into town with Mary to fetch the fish, a weekly errand as fish alone is eaten here on Fridays.

Feb 14th, Sunday
St Val’s Day and Mary’s birthday. A sharp frost and thick white fog. I saw the devoted Mary going to Early Service. I admire this in her because if there is one thing she hates it is leaving her bed on a cold morning. We all went to church later and the children fidgeted throughout the long service. Mary, H and I went to evening church and listened to a Darwinian cum Huxley sermon from old Mr Wooten. The evening was spent in the same peaceful way, viz the family reading Guardians Church Times and Mary armed with various books of devotion.

Feb 15th
Poor little Val (dog) has been ailing for some time and this morning the vet was sent for. He came and said he could do nothing so they told him to destroy him. Poor little dog, they have had him for 11 years.
I drove into town with Mother and executed various commissions for her. I stick two PCs in showing the difference in the old Chelmsford and the present day.

Feb 16th, Tuesday
I sit out in the shelter by my lone. It is a very bright clear morning, every bird sings and I have a rug and my fur coat so am very snug. H and Mary have gone to church but I find a great deal of “church” in the trees, fields, birds and God’s earth. One feels it good to be alive.

Feb 17th
This day with a light heart I packed up and offed to the above. Oh the joy of being in the dear old city once more and to hear the everlasting and never ceasing roar of the traffic and to feel Life around one once more. It was like wine and promptly went to my head! At 4.30 we repaired to the Club and to tea there came Harry Walker and his wife. I shouldn’t have known him again. He has shaved off his moustache and looks his age. I am glad I did not commit that error and I am sure he feel thankful too. At 7 Major White T came and dined there with us, after which he and I went to see “Henry of Navarre”. I think it is a delightful play and I enjoyed it tremendously, showing my enjoyment by snivelling. Afterwards we had supper at the Carlton.