February 18th, Thursday
I have caught a cold, from the hot theatre I suppose. We shopped hard at the Stores and at 1.40 Poggy left for Bulford. I went and got some veils at Lee and some blouses at Bourne and Hollingsworth, then drove to Liverpool Street and came down here (to Springfield).

Feb 19th
Such a day! I sit as usual in the shelter but am really almost too hot. I shall miss this resort but there will be the Sling, oh joy and rapture wild. I sat here most of the morning and fled here after lunch. All the rest of the household are lying down, I never saw such people for sleeping after lunch.

Feb 21st, Sunday
This is “charity” Sunday and I was rather hoping that we should get a discourse upon it but was disappointed. Lying in the shelter drowsing who off all people should I see but Uncle Arthur (Butler) walking up the path. He had been at Hatfield and drove over to see me. It was a breath of refreshment to hear news of everyone. Yso starts for home on March 23rd and from Topsy’s letter she is apparently brewing again. I do hope all will go well this time. (Yso lost her first – Wynne is here referring to pregnancy! Both women were in India).

Feb 23rd
We all took our departure today. I can’t say Waterloo looked like this picture below as there was a dense yellow fog which was too awful.

Feb 24th, Ash Wednesday
The kids colds are so bad that I have kept them in bed. Nootie has earache and both are coughing all day. Capt Newcome came in on a farewell visit as he is going to Woolwich having been given an instructorship.

Feb 25th
I have spent a fretful and porcupinish day. The children have been so bad all day.