January 1st, Friday
After a very cold and snowy end to the year we are now the victims of a rapid thaw. The place is in an appalling mess, feet deep in liquid snow and the air as mild as Spring. We spent a busy morning turning out various dogholes in the drawing room and raising Cain among the spiders and dust collections. (The family are staying with Wynne’s mother at Brookfield).

Jan 2nd
More extensive turning out of the drawing room. The maids have let it get into a dreadful mess and the whole house breathes dust. I am thankful that this terrible maid is leaving. Herbert and I went to tea with the Wingates. The men went hunting and Bernard came home with long accounts and a first class toss he took, the first day of his pink coat and all.

Jan 4th
Herbert left for Exeter.

Jan 5th, Tuesday
Mother and I lunched with the Coulsons, found him very seedy. The Servants Ball came off this evening and was a great success.

Jan 7th, Thursday
I left in the morning for Bulford, Mother and Win going to London by the same train. I arrived at 1.45 and drove straight to the Institute where I with others decorated the tree. Tea commenced at 4.30. We found all well at home and it was delightful to be there once more.

Jan 8th
It appears that during the snow time they had the most awful experience here. Water dripping and pouring everywhere, streaming down the walls and soaking into everything. The bathroom pipe burst. In the married quarters matters were in an awful state, icicles hanging from the ceilings, things floating about the room and the poor wretches had to fix up umbrellas over the children to eat their breakfast. We returned home (to Brookfield) in the afternoon. Bernard sent his new motor to meet us at Salisbury and we had a lovely spin home.

January 10th, Sunday
I did not feel at all churchy but according to custom of course attended. After lunch I went and visited my old cronies the Mayers and Mrs Belben, such long bucks with both. They were much elated by having been granted the Old Age Pension and showed me their cheque books with much interest and pride. Edward Castleman hunted here.

Jan 12th, Tuesday
My dear little son is 6 years old today. I took all the children up to Ashley today and we found a clearing where grew primroses already and picked quite a big bunch. It was delightful up there but always depresses me when it reminds me so vividly of old days when it all belonged to us. We got news that Uncle Henry (HAL Jones, the painter) died early Sunday morning. Poor Mother (Jackson) and Uncle Frank will feel his death very much. Mabel wrote us about it and also in her letter tells us that if the Dr passes her she intends going in for Mission work. I think she is very wise and good and we are waiting to hear if it is decided.

Jan 13th
I have been so datchy all day, so many things seem wrong at present. Mother’s rheumatism is bad and she is dreadfully depressed and nervy and whilst she is in this state everything seems to be wrong in the house but I suppose things will right themselves in time.