January 14th, Thursday
At 3 we started off in the motor to the Walkers’ children’s tree. Bernard, Alice, our four children and Jack Northcote, such a party we could hardly breathe but arrived without mishap. I bored myself to death but the children enjoyed it which was the main thing.

Jan 15th
Bernard and I motored to the Hughes Gibbs dance, which was very well done and mildly amusing. I danced the whole evening but I am getting very blasé in my old age and I find Dorset men very dull.

Jan 18th, Monday
I drove H in to Blandford. He has gone to stay with Mabel to help her to pack up and sort out all her goods and chattels of which there is such a collection. I miss him much but do not grudge him to her.

Jan 20th, Wednesday
We awoke to such a beautiful morning, bright sunshine, white hoar frost and a complete stillness. Mother and Alice went to the meet at Rushmore whilst I went to the village to see Mrs James Fiander, Katie Coombs and then poor Alice Mowlam who I had not see since her trouble.
Mother and I had a most lovely afternoon. Alice (staying with husband and children at Brookfield) lent us the motor and away through the clear cold air we flew, far up the Stour valley. We got back at 4.30 having been miles and just enjoyed it awfully. News of Herbert’s arrival today. He also tells me that there are two men (officers) deadly ill at Tidworth with typhoid, one not expected to recover. I do trust and pray it may not come to Bulford.

Jan 21st
Win is in bed with a bad cold and Mother has it likewise. I persuaded her to go to bed in my room so that they could both be well infected with creosol eucalyptus lotion and the like.

Jan 22nd
Both invalids so bad that I have chained them up in bed. Gran has a touch of her back too so I have my hands full.

Jan 23rd
Both the poor coldy creatures are better but everyone in the house is gradually developing these colds. It is a sore trial.

Jan 25th, Monday
The fiends’ cold has come to me as I knew it would. Mother is still bad too but we went, willy nilly, to the performance given by the Townies. It consisted of a concert and acting, the latter very well done and we laughed a great deal but it was bitterly cold driving both there and back.

July 26th
I drove over to Wimborne today to fetch Herbert. The cold driving across the downs was intense. I felt so ill when we got home and as soon after dinner as possible I escaped to bed.