July 16th, Friday
Mrs Presbury and Mrs Young came at 2.30 to price garments for the bazaar, which we did until tea time. We find that we are £7.19.0 worth so that if we sell them it will be a great help.

July 17th
Mother left us this morning much to my sorrow. She is so awfully bad with rheumatism it is quite painful to see.

July 18th, Sunday
Quite a large Parade today. The 25th being back and as it is a rule in that lot that all officers must attend church there was quite a bevy of them. The weather is looking up and it has been a boiling hot day.

July 20th
I sit here in the dear Sling and like unto the cow I ruminate. It is a perfect day, a fierce sun but a breeze which keeps us from melting. Everything seems to have reached perfection, the birds only sing lazily and today I hear the hum of many drowsy insects which float through the air on their respective journeys of short-lived ecstasy and so strong is the joy of living upon me that I feel I must now lie down on my back and bask, collecting many creatures in my hair and ears in order to do the thing thoroughly! Far in the distance comes rolling across the Plain the sound of the Horse Gunners whilst at practice, dear sound, dear place and dear life. Oh may the fates bring relief from the prospect of a future of retirement, from general pog baggishness and ennui.
We have brought the children with us and after half an hour of frantic efforts to learn that “d o g” does not spell “t u b” they have taken themselves off to the mystic groves of beech on the rising ground there to play at houses and “imagination”.
As far as the eye can see the Plain reaches for miles, a sea of waving grass and one feels the vastness and limitless space, almost prehistoric in its primitiveness.

July 21st
Such a cold grey day. We gardened in our winter coats. It is awful how very little summer we are having. I went up to the MM this afternoon but as the whole Camp is away holidaying at Southsea and the White City only 3 turned up.

July 23rd
I held the last Mothers Union meeting that I shall be able to get up for these people. I was much disappointed at the number who came, only 26, but it happened to be a bad day, many being detained by their men’s absence at a Field Day. I rode out in the morning to see whether I could see anything of it but was disappointed as we couldn’t get really near enough.

July 25th, Sunday
My brain is full of Bazaar plans. I never having got up such a thing before am overwhelmed with the amount of work it entails, the getting of the material, and then arranging who shall sell at what stall etc…then getting bills sorted and posted and settling with Parker all the Institute arrangements.
Parade as usual, an odious day blowing a hurricane and coming down in torrents.