July 26th, Monday
Both Mrs Gillson and I had been invited to Mrs Rendall for tea but we decided we would write and say that we were engaged to one another so we did. Mrs R will of course twig it but one only lives once and why should one go to people to whom one is indifferent when those one loves ask one instead! We went to the Netheravon bridges and had a delightful tea under the trees as the weather was hot. The men went off fishing and we ladies sat bucking and made life pleasant for thousands of midges.

July 27th
An extraordinary day. From morn till eve it simply pelted and poured. I went marketing in the morning but stayed at home the rest of the day. We were 8 to dinner but all went well and Jane gave us an excellent dinner, after which we played Bridge in a chaste fashion and I won the large sum of 1/6.

July 28th
The day of my last Mothers Meeting, also that of the Figheldean flower show so I arose before breakfast to gather my exhibits but everything was dreadfully drenched. After yesterday the sun blazed forth and the heat was tremendous. We found a great crowd all busily arranging and not half enough room for exhibits. I did not go again in the afternoon on account of my MM but H went and found to our amazement that we had got 1st for peas, 2nd for dahlias and 4th for flowers. I had a big meeting for my last and we settled much business in the way of the Bazaar etc. I took a formal farewell of them all and now can scarcely believe this is the last I shall have to do with for many a long day.

July 29th
A most strenuous day! The entire morning was spent in packing up all the bazaar goods ready for transit tomorrow. At 1.45 Mother and Win arrived but I could only see them for a moment and rushed off to the Institute to arrange the room. We worked till 3.30 when I returned to change and go off again to distribute the prizes to the school children hand in hand with Colonel Chance. I was charmed by their clean and neat appearance and all their various little songs. I made them a chaste little speech and received 3 cheers! Returned home to find tea going on with Mr Knyvett and his girl and sister. They are getting married on Oct 9th and have asked Pinkie and Nooty to be their train bearers! Mother is sleeping in the spare room, Joe (Hurdwood – a very old friend) in the day nursery and Win in my room on H’s camp bed at the foot of mine.

July 30th, Friday
The long prepared for day has arrived and has commenced in a drizzle but in spite of this I rushed out to gather flowers for my flower stall and at 9.30 the men came for the goods and we all went up to arrange things and found a small army of workers. I had 6 or 7 stalls: fancy painted, pottery, jumble, flowers, cakes and new garments. We rushed home at 12.30 and reclothed ourselves and then returned after lunch for the fray. We had heaps of people and all went off splendidly. When we counted up the money we found we had made of £30 and eventually handed over £36.3.10d. I was awfully pleased.

July 31st, Saturday
I spent the morning apportioning out the few remains from the Sale to Mother, Norah Hinton and Mrs Geddes for their respective Sales and after lunch we all went down to the Bulford Fete, the weather being perfect. Our fellows were performing and of course it was a good show! There was jumping, vaulting etc and a pretty musical ride by the Scots Greys, the Camerons band played beautifully and altogether it was most enjoyable. Mother had never seen a musical ride before and was delighted with it all.