June 9th, Wednesday
To the Kodak Co at 11 where much knowledge flew in one ear and as quickly flew out at the other. I find it dreadfully complicated. Mother, Rita and I went to see Maude’s new play “The Merry Devil” this afternoon. We could only get Upper Circle and so poor Mother had to climb 5 flights of stairs. The piece is excellent and that charming Aubrey Smith is wasted upon the silly Winifred Emery whom I do not like. We had tea in the theatre on our laps and much enjoyed ourselves. This evening I laughed till I cried. Mother took us to see The Follies who are amusing and funny and the long evening is filled with laughter. It is a very clever show. After to the Troc for supper.

June 10th
Once more to the Kodak Co. I have now been through the whole performance and I am bothered if I know much more about it than when I started. I lunched at the Todds and went with her to St Cyprian’s Home where the poor Sues abide from years end to years end. They have a comfortable home and seem wonderfully cheery. I was introduced to them all and spoke to each in turn and was very glad to make their acquaintance. I went from there to the Piccadilly where I had a delightful tea with Mother, Archie Elliot and Florence Coulson. I don’t think I have ever seen such beautiful rooms or heard diviner music for a restaurant. This evening to “Penelope” where the ugly little Marie T is acting with her fatuous slave Graham Brown. Much disappointed.

June 11th
I spent the entire morning at the Stores doing shopping which I ought to have done when I first came up. I then hurried home, packed and took my leave and went down to Chislehurst. It is just on three and a half years since I saw my dear Yso and I find her exactly the same. We talk and talk. I am very glad to know her husband, he is a dear and I felt that the moment I saw him, so nice looking and such perfect manners, so sweet to Yso. Uncle (Arthur) has bought a house with a garden, all the latest and newest arrangements and everything most comfortable. The men are both mad on golf and don’t think or dream of anything else.

June 12th
A pouring day. The two men golfed through it all whilst Yso and I got through a lot more talking! At lunch they came in drenched and at 3 Yso and I drove over to Sidcup where the Thuries have taken a house, a big house with a view of taking in PGs. It is to my mind a horrible idea and to think of an Elliot of Wolflee and a Poellnitz coming to this. I would rather live in the tiniest of cottages. I nearly cried over poor old Thurie and his childlike pride over the many and weird bargains he points out to me. It is all very well but no PGs turn up and how they are going to pay their way I cant think. Uncle Walter and Gran are both there now, both paying. Oh! I think I’d rather die than be forced to accept board and lodging from my own Mother and brother. We could not stay long as Denyys and I were going to the theatre. We barely caught the train on time, dined at the Troc and walked to the “KIng of Cadonia”. I have lost the programme but it was like every other piece of its kind, singing and dancing with Huntley Wright as comedian. Quite nice only I’ve seen better things.
(Thurie was Arthur von Poellnitz. Not to be confused with Arthur Butler who had married into the family. Yso and Wynne were Thurie’s nieces, Yso being Arthur Butler’s daughter. She had recently married Denis/Denys Vanrenen in India -Wynne often used the second spelling for Denys. Thurie was usually in straitened circumstances and full of odd schemes to get out of them)

June 13th, Sunday
Uncle (Arthur Butler) and I wet forth to church. Denys was golfing and Yso stayed at home. We went to a church where one could take no part in the singing because of Gregorian chants and anthems and a hymn unknown to anyone.

June 14th, Monday
I left at 1 and went to Douglas and had my hair done, then to the G&S Co and had my things cleaned and whilst waiting I had tea there then went back to the Club. Went to the ‘Merry Widow” which has been running for about two years and which I had never seen! We afterwards went to the gay Savoy where we supped and talked. A very jolly evening.

June 15th, Tuesday
I will not mention what this day is or how it effects me. Suffice to say I must look round at Tabby Corner from the wrong side now! I returned home today with much sorrow that my yearly jaunt is over but it was nice really being back again and to see my dear babies once more. I am a domesticated cat and these, my garden and my clean hut all gave me great joy. The only blot was the absence of Poggy. The garden is looking lovely and just goes from one mass of colour to another.