May 1st, Saturday
Mother and I had a long day in Salisbury today. We drove first to the dentist where I left her and then returned and together we went to the dressmaker who is busy on my dress for the Woolwich Ball. It is white satin trimmed with rose medallions and ribbon which Eve painted for me ages ago. We walked to the cathedral and attended evensong and then tea’d and back to the station but Mother was so bad I could scarcely get her along. It is dreadful what a cripple she is.

May 3rd
I have asked Rita (Fallowfield, her cousin) to go with me to the ball and she is coming and the Corfields are lending us their maid and rooms which is awfully nice and kind. I drove Mother to the station as she had to give up the idea of coming to Woolwich with us because Win goes to school on the 6th and she didn’t like leaving her on her last day.

May 4th, Tuesday
With a joyous heart and excited mind I set off at 12.55 today, met my dress at Salisbury and Aim, Rita and Uncle Arthur at Waterloo. I discovered I had forgotten my opera cloak and so they brought me one of Rita’s. Arrived at Woolwich about 5.30. Major White T came to us at about 6 and we walked all round the old haunts. It felt odd seeing it all again and felt just like home. I glanced up at old 53 with much affection and wondered who was sitting in the drawing room.
Had a delightful little dinner and drove at 9.15 to the Mess, once again this gorgeous sight gladdened my eyes. It was of course full dress so White T looked just too beautiful in his jacket. He is a delightful host and filled our programmes. The room was a bit full for dancing much but I had some good dances and of course WT excels at this. Alas the end drew near and it was with sickness and sorrow after a last dance to a piano in the dark that we betook ourselves back to our rooms.


May 5th
Why are “mornings after” always so odious, depressing and finnen haddockish? I arose at 8 and we were away at 10 and came sadly home, going off almost immediately to my Mothers Meeting, from gay to grave. We had a very busy afternoon over many garments and strange to say am not at all tired, only dull from the reaction and bored to a thousand tears. Poggy is very busy over a Tactical Fitness Exam all this week. He has been having an awful cold and is now enjoying neuralgia, poor one.

May 7th, Friday
This being so charming and romantic I have had to put it in here. We shrieked over it one night and find the rhyming very chaste. The hurricane is raging and everything in the garden is being dashed to bits and all our lovely tulips look bedraggled.

May 8th
Poggy’s Board of Examination is over I am glad to say as he is having a go of neuralgia and to be out in this appalling wind is so bad for him.

May 9th
The wind has dropped a bit and being sunny I walked down to the Sheep Bridge Plantation where I lay on my back all afternoon, smoking, reading and sleeping.