May 11th, Tuesday
I had such a glorious ride this morning away over to Tidworth behind the station and into Ashdown Copse. There the woods were dressed in their lightest green Spring frocks, larches, beeches and oaks. I rode along broad grass drives where even the sound of Jacob’s footfall was not heard. It was quite lovely.

May 12th
Off to Salisbury on dressmaker business, then Mothers Meeting at 1.45 at which we were only 12.

May 13th
This day I hied me off to Grafton to pay Mabel (Herbert’s sister) a visit and took Master Pinkie. We drove over to Tidworth and took the train there. Mabel met us and after lunch we went for a walk to the most glorious wood imaginable where we picked great bunches of bluebells, primroses, hyacinths and cowslips but the weather was very cold and grey.

May 14th
We spent the whole morning roaming through the fields. After lunch Mabel took us for a drive through Savernake forest which is at its best now. On our return Pinkie insisted on visiting the bulls, cows and calves and we went up into the byre when they were milking 70 cows!

May 15th
Returned home today and brought Mabel with us. We went via Salisbury and came back and then I rushed off to a huge tea party at the Bucklands.

May 17th, Monday
It is still vilely cold and Mabel and I drove over to Tidworth, she in her winter coat and i in my huge fur coat and still we were frozen. We have had no rain for 3 weeks and it is becoming serious for the farmers. Poggy and I bicycled over to tea as the Usbornes. The wind was very strong and of course against us. As soon as we got home we gardened. Every moment of the day is devoted to this cause.

May 19th
The usual Mothers Meeting and I was horrified to realize that owing to examinations I couldn’t have the room so I got Parker to ask the Wesleyan lay reader if I might use theirs and he consented. I was glad not to put it off as we were a large meeting and got through a lot of work.

May 20th, Thursday, Ascension Day
I went to Mattins and then drove the children down to the Usborne’s to a children’s party where we played wild games, ate huge teas and hunted for birds nests. They enjoyed themselves and Pinkie spilt all his tea down his front which added an interest to the proceedings. We went to Evensong and on our return left ourselves just seven minutes to dress for dinner.