May 22nd, Saturday
Such a long a tiring day. I went to Salisbury, to two dressmakers, shopped, had lunch and dashed to a hairdresser. From there I flew half an hour late to Mr Farebrother who tortured me in the approved fashion and so home. It had been awfully hot all day and my tooth was giving me such gyp that very early I trotted off to bed.

May 24th
This being Empire Day, great rejoicings were in evidence in all towns and places of civilization but here in this remote corner of the world we are untouched by all the public events. Being a glorious day I went with the children to the Sling Plantation carrying a basket containing my work, writing materials and the children’s “Reading Without Tears”. We began with the latter but being a drowsy day they preferred gazing at beetles and butterflies to concentrating their thoughts on cat and dog, consequently I very soon smacked them both and they went off to hunt Red Indians leaving me in peace!

May 25th
At last the rain has come. It began at 1 last night and I nearly arose with a shriek of joy. It is warm and grey and ideal for growing everything.

May 26th
My Mothers Meeting, a short one as the Hospital was open. After tea we all went up there and looked all over it after which I went to tea with the Storrs where I found quite a crowd.

May 27th
A strenuous day. At 9 rode out to witness the Field Day of the Yeomanry. Poggy was doing umpire on one side. They made a great show being seven regiments strong: Dorsets, Warwicks, Glosters, Hants, Somersets, Wilts and Worcesters. It poured with rain most of the morning and I got drenched.

May 28th
This day although asked to tea at the Goffs I refrained and stayed home and gardened. Thoroughly enjoyed the peace of home and the sensation of dirty fingers. The Brigade went of to Camp at 10.30, 11 and 1.0 at night and Major Geddes dined with us prior to his departure. I do so wish them all the luck in the world and hold my thumbs for their success. I shall die of they don’t do well this last year of Poggy’s reign. It poured with rain and I was sorry for them.

May 28th
As everyone has gone except Poggy who follows on Monday he has a holiday and we enjoyed a long day gardening.

May 31st, Whit Monday
With the rest of the world we went sight seeing today. I drove Poggy to the station and saw him go off, then drove the two children up to Knighton Flagstaff to witness the Field Day and March Past. It was indeed a raree show, what with Yeomanry, Terriers and Regulars. The Horse Artillery galloped splendidly as did the Greys but the rest were only allowed to canter and rightly so for galloping would have ended in exhibitions of White Knights. We were up there from 12 till 4 taking lunch and returning much fatigued by the dust and heat.