November 12th, Friday
We left this morning by the 11.30 for Witham. Mr Butler met us at the station and motored us to the Lodge where we found Uncle Arthur. We went for a motor drive after lunch but were nearly blown away as it was blowing a frightful gale.

November 13th
We spent the entire morning in the motor careering about over the country after the hounds and Mr Butler let us use the motor for going home in the afternoon. This has been a very pleasant visit.

Nov 14th, Sunday
A wet cold and dark day, lamps lighted in church at all times. I had a cosy afternoon on the drawing room sofa with one of Filson Young’s books.

Nov 16th
I had a letter from my dear Yso from Port Said, rough weather but all well.

Nov 18th, Thursday
Today is “Mother’s” birthday, she is 86 (ie: Mrs Jackson). Of course in comparison to my Gran who is 96 she is a mere chicken. Of Gran I have the most splendid news, she seems to have taken on a fresh lease of life dear old thing.

Nov 19th, Friday
Mr Davis has just left. These are a nice couple, he very tall, grey and untidy but interesting and clever, and she quiet and nice. The wonderful thing about her is that her father was lock keeper at Amwell and her brother once the garden boy of the Jacksons! One would never know it, she is so perfectly refined and quiet and has no trace of accent or gaucherie about her.

Nov 20th
It has been a glorious day. I bicycled down to the town, first inspecting a weird little rubbish shop where amongst the unutterable decayedness which reigned, the household bacon found a place!! We only found a small glass pot, the rest was rubbish. We afterwards poked about in old Gosling’s and found a book called “The Ladies Companion” dated 1743 and containing much edifying dissertations on behaviour for “virgin, wife and widow”.

Nov 25th, Thursday
I have spent the entire day in Town (London) going up on purpose to interview Mr Waggett about my throat which has been troubling me. He performed a slight operations which left me very sore and I am to go up again on Monday to have my nose burnt as he says the passages are blocked by bone growth.

Nov 29th, Monday
Another trying visit to Mr Waggett but not nearly so bad as I had anticipated. He burnt out one nostril for me today and will do the other in about 10 days time. It was a quaint operation but with the aid of cocayne (sic) I didn’t really feel much and was only aware of a strong smell of frying pork. I went afterwards to my Club for lunch and was joined by Herbert at 1.30 and came straight home.

Nov 30th
The day spent in packing our goods and chattels and saying goodbye to various people. We have been here so long that I expect we shall leave half our things behind.