October 1st, Friday
Here is Oct once again, how this year has flown. I drove into town this morning and photographed all the afternoon with Poggy getting some good results. Mary returned at 3.30 and seemed cheerful.

Oct 2nd
After nearly a year’s absence from it I find myself once more writing in the dear old shelter here. All is peace and in the distance I can hear sounds of life but one can forget all that in this old world garden.

Oct 4th, Monday
H and I started off by the 8.40 to London, bought 4 wedding presents and also got a silver clock for Yso’s baby who is my godchild. We lunched at Au Petit Riche and after went to the Kodak co and other shops. We had our tea at Liverpool Street Station in a new room, very nice and clean, and got home in pouring rain at 6.0.

Oct 5th, Tuesday
The children have begun lessons in real earnest. I have found a Miss Fenner here who comes in every afternoon at 3 until 4.30 and teaches them writing, reading etc – in fact the three Rs. I heard a long description of the ancient Britons today through the door.
Miss F: “you know the ancient Britons never went to school. They couldn’t even write their names”
Pinkie: “But how did they manage to write letters to other Britons?”
They love their lessons at present, long may it continue.

Oct 6th, Wednesday
H and I were most energetic today. We bicycled to Brentwood doing 24 miles by the time we got home. It was jolly seeing all this part of the country. The towns through which we passed are delightful but there is too much agriculture about to make the county pretty.

Oct 7th
Two most sporting old maiden ladies gave a huge concert today in the Town hall. 200 guests were present and we were held spellbound? for two hours by two females both being over 50 who chose very skittish and juvenile songs. Tea followed and then we took our departure. The audience consisted mainly of females, tender and tough, the usual clergymen, and a few other very weevilly specimens of that sex.

October 9th, Saturday
This was the day of the Chesterman wedding and we set out at 10.20 with the children and their kit for they were acting as train bearers. We went by Underground to Aim where we changed their clothes and had lunch, driving to St Mary Abbots. We found a great crowd assembled and the church beautifully decorated. The brides were attended by four children and four bridesmaids, the latter dressed in sky blue Princess dresses of satin trimmed with silver. The four parties came from the vestry beaming and we followed them to the Empress Room where the reception was held and where we met many old Sheffield and Bulford friends. It was very jolly. (Ysobel – Nootie – remembered her young partner dropping the train and running back to his mother halfway through the entry. She was wearing a white frock with a wreath of forget-me-nots in her hair).

October 10th, Sunday
The usual services and an afternoon of solitary delight in the shelter.

October 11th, Monday
Once again off to Town, a joyous treat. The Ronksleys had asked us to go and dine with them and theatre so off we accordingly went. We drove first to the Strand Palace hotel to find a room and as luck would have it managed to secure one. It is a new place run on the new system of “no tips, and bed, bath breakfast inclusive”. It is clean, comfortable and very cheap. We had a delicious dinner at Marshall Thompsons with the Rs in their private room and then went on to see the “Dollar Princess” in which Lily Elsie and Joseph Coyne are so good. We laughed very much. It is very well done and smartly put on. The dresses are extraordinary and most interesting (see next panel).

October 12th
We returned (to Chelmsford) from Town early today and spent the afternoon doing photography. It is a fascinating and expensive occupation!