October 13th, Wednesday
A day of much joy and delight was mine. I went once again to Town and on arrival found floods of rain so took a taxi to Douglas where I had my hair done and then walked to the Club. White T turned up and we lunched together, going on to “The Brass Bottle” at the Vaudeville, a most amusing farce by Anstey. He then came on to Liverpool Station and had tea with me. It was such fun to sit and cackle over 1000 things and gossip over all our friends.

Oct 14th, Thursday
We get alternate sorts of weather. Today the sun was brilliant so H and I bicycled over to Witham. The road is a splendid one, almost level, and all through the villages it is asphalt so we had a jolly ride and did our 14 miles without any exertion. Witham is a dear old town and I took some photographs. The Harvest festival was held this evening here, a prettily decorated church, a crowded congregation and a very nice service.

Oct 16th
Odious weather, rain without cessation. We took the children to a performance of Pooles Pictures in the town which they much enjoyed but I felt all the time as “if it were my fault” and wanted to cry! Awful variety show.

October 23rd, Saturday
We left this morning (from friends in Staplehurst) in pouring rain and H came as far as Chislehurst with me where Uncle (Arthur Butler) met us and Yso came flying down. Found all well here and rushed up to see the baby, my godchild. She is a sweet child, fine and fat with very little hair. It seems so odd to see Yso with a child of her very own! Denys was up in Town but returned at tea time after which we all went up to Town, drove to the Troc where we met Philip Lyster and had dinner there, going on to see “Dear Little Denmark” afterwards. It is a most amusing piece with a great many splendid songs and much fun and I laughed myself quite tired.

Oct 24th, Sunday
A blustering boisterous day and it as well that they aren’t going until Friday next. A true scene of confusion reigns here, boxes, packing cases, paper labels everywhere, sounds of hammering and hurrying feet prevail. (Yso and Denys were returning to India)

Oct 27th, Wednesday
A strenuous day. Uncle and I went up to Town and on arrival he took me to a big shop in the city and gave me such a lovely new bag, green morocco. After Douglas (hairdresser) I went to the Club where I met Philip Lyster. Afterwards we drove to see “Smith” which I very much enjoyed, a most clever play. Robert Lorraine is charming. We tea’d after at the Piccadilly and then PG went off to catch his train (to Ireland). In haste I retuned to the Club, changed and joined the Vanrennens at Charing Cross, dined at Romano’s and went to see “Arsene Lupin” in which Gerald du Maurier is splendid. This day has not been wasted!

Oct 28th
At the last moment it was decided I should go to Town with Yso so I threw all my things into my box and on arrival we went to Kerturah Colling where Y got photographed and where D joined us. I left them at Hyde Park Corner, and am very sad to say goodbye. My dear Yso whom I love and her charming young husband whom I also love! Met H at Liverpool Street and travelled home (to Chelmsford) with him.

Oct 31st
I am spending the last day of October in bed, my cold being too utterly vile. Oh! where is the Dr who can cure a cold.