September 1st, Wednesday
The Arthurs all left this morning and we miss them sorely. What the children will do when the whole Wilkins crowd go tomorrow I cant think. It has been bitterly cold today, quite dark and gloomy. We didn’t bathe, but just rock climbed and watched the big tide in the evening again.

Sept 2nd
Today is fine, hot and lovely again. H and I went off for the day to Rockham. We went first to Morthoe village and there bought buns, puffs and ginger beer, proceeding afterwards to the beach which was delightfully quiet. We hunted for cowries, finding 137. We lay about in the sun, basking with outstretched arms and ate our bun luncheon, then clambered along the rocks finally scrambling up the cliff under the lighthouse over which we went. On arriving home we found the servants awaiting us with tea which we had on the beach, returning home quite late.

Sept 3rd
There is great excitement in the papers today that Capt Cook has discovered the North Pole! His log book with observations is printed today and he is expected to land at Copenhagen today, but many of his statements are so extraordinary and peculiar that the whole thing is accepted with reservations. He went alone with 2 Eskimos, travelling 67 miles a day and doing a journey of 610 miles in 35 days having made no proper preparations. It seems to me that Baron Munchausen has a brother by the name of Cook.

Sept 4th
An appalling day, torrents of rain. By the end of the day my nerves were well on edge and I longed to chain up all the children by the leg!

Sept 5th
Suffered a long and eccentric service here and after lunch went for the proverbial Sunday walk along Wood Slade Valley. The hills are purple with heather now and we climbed up onto the open country where we sat looking at the long stretch of sea.

Sept 6th
A cold, sunless and dark day. These references to the weather must be excused as it is our one thought in the morning: “will it be fine?” I don’t know what’s the matter with the elements this year.

Sept 7th
Really this series of North Pole discoveries turn the brain. Now it is another American, Com. Peary, who claims to have reached it. Everyone is sceptical of Cook’s claim but no one seems to doubt this one. It has apparently become the fashion to reach North Poles. Bathed today but the tide was low and very rough and so I got rather bruised.

Sept 8th
Pinkie in bed with a chill, very sick and headachey. I stayed with him and in the evening we did puzzles. We are very busy making some and are on our third. They are about 10 x 8 and one has 162 pieces.

Sept 9th, Thursday
A blackberry picnic this afternoon. We got about 3lbs. Nootie very properly finished the day by falling into the stream.

September 10th, Friday
Many people have left but the “Shrimps” are still here. They are the oddest trio of ladies I ever saw. Two are hugely fat and sluggy, and the other long and lean. The two former wear no corsets, and skirts to their knees, deerstalker caps and spectacles. We meet them every day armed to the teeth with mackintosh squares, air cushions, rugs, bathing dresses, towel, baskets, books and shrimping nets and they look like veritable “White Knights”.

Sept 13th, Monday
Our blackberry labours were rewarded today for we came home with 6lbs and made out of them 9lbs of jam.

Sept 14th
A perfect day. I bathed in the morning and basked until lunch. We then went blackberrying again and got even more. We had tea in Wood Slade Valley which looked particularly beautiful in the hazy evening light. Everything was very still and one could hear sounds quite clearly for miles whilst the sea lay calm and blue.