April 1st, Friday
“The skies are fair, each sunlit hour
Marks the glad birthday of a flower”

My son has been coughing so much and now I am dreading the others getting it. I am going to send Baby to Herbert tomorrow to try and escape her falling a victim as well. It is such a bother and entails so much writing and arranging. This I proudly cut out of the M.P. today (Morning Post) so the appointment is really real now and I am so awfully happy and delighted.

April 2nd, Saturday
My dear one continues to cough unceasingly, poor dear mite. It is most distressing but he is perfectly happy although I am keeping him in bed. I took Maggie and the Baby and sent them off by the 2.45. I went in to the Cottage Hospital on the way back to see poor Mrs Coombs who has had an operation for cancer. She was looking frail and so happy and contented. Blandford had its usual busy air on being market day in its country sleepy fashion and I wonder how I shall feel when fate settles me down in the confines of such a sleepy hollow as it will do.

April 3rd
Pink is better I’m thankful to say, but I saw the doctor yesterday and he was not at all assuring and said that the Baby was sure to develop it and that Nootie was also sure to get it and that there was no earthly use in separating them.

April 4th
At the early hour of 9.30 Mother and I set off in Sharpe’s Victoria to Blandford.  She has gone to Bath for another go of cure.  She says a fortnight but I’m sure her doctor won’t let her off with so short a go as she is so bad again.

April 7th
By the time I had ordered the house, fed the fowls, gossiped with Blake and done jobs for Pinkie I found it was 11 at which hour Gran and I sallied forth to B and got much business done. She doesn’t seem at all tired tonight. This afternoon the children amused themselves by cooking. They made some scones one of which was brought me to eat. It looked weary and grey and I tried my best to relish it but my stomach turned in revolt and sub rosa I placed it in the fire!

April 8th
A perfect gardeners week as regards weather. The children continue to cough and I am weary of it but I hear it will continue for 3 to 6 weeks.

April 9th, Saturday
More glorious sun and I spent the whole morning in B shopping. After lunch Mr Bugg motored me over to Salisbury to see a brougham he wants me to buy but I think H will think it is too small. I was dead sleepy after al this air and went to bed early. (The last sentence is a surprising use of the word dead – sounds like a 21st century teenager!)

April 10th
We none of us liked to go to church because of infection so I spent the morning in writing and doing flowers. I have 14 vases in the house besides the pot plants. After lunch I read to the children and tea being completed I hied me to the wood to pick primroses for Mother. The wood was a carpet of yellow and I sat down and drank it all in. Every thrush and blackbird sang its evening hymn in ecstasy, a late bee came booming along unmindful of the fact that it ought to have hived long ago, a pheasant with nerves called out in a startled fashion and in the far distance I heard a wood pigeon in its husky voice urging its fellow to take twooo cows! Away in the valley the insistent church bells called me but I turned a deaf ear, being filled with the satisfying knowledge of the Creator all around me.