April 28th, Thursday
I was to have gone today (to Aldershot) but got a letter from H to say he can’t get the house ready to get the furniture in this week and so I am not going till Monday. We are having such bother with the water again here and Wyatt is out once more tearing the pipes all to pieces, no kitchen fire all day, no baths for several days and general discomfort and worry for poor Mother whose rheumatism is very bad. The wind is bitter and no sun, so different from yesterday. I was busy over the plantains on the tennis lawn in the afternoon when there came a most frightful hail storm so I fled to the greenhouse and pricked out 50 tobaccos and 60 salpiglosses.

April 29th
I was down in the garden at 5.30 this morning, another perfect day, quite still and bright. I made some tea and then to the greenhouses where I was before Blake!
“Events so crowd upon each other in convulsed and distracted times, that more than the stirring incidents of a whole life often become compressed into the compass of four and twenty hours” Barnaby Rudge.

This quotation refers to the great flying victory of the Frenchman who flew from London to Manchester in the appointed time given by the Daily Mail, £10,000 to be given to the first man to fly there within 24 horus. M. Paulhan has alas beaten Grahame White.

April 30th, Saturday
Alas the last day of April has come. I got down at 5.45 this morning and rushed to the greenhouse but was beaten by Blake who was there before me! A heavenly morning and the birds are singing their grace. There is a blackbird sitting on the highest tree he can find saying how lovely his last worm was and I agree even worms are lovely this morning. The grass is drenched with sliver dew and the sun is shining through the delicate Spring green of chestnut and beech. The trees begin to throw real shadows at last. How can one lie in bed through these gorgeous mornings. Oh! for the Daylight Savings Bill! The post has just come in and the mail and I am longing to hear if Mother has heard from Ell but she isn’t down yet of course as it is only just 8.0.