August 1st, Monday
“From morn till eve the toiling reapers stand
And harvest gladness fills the summer land”.

August Bank Holiday
Perfect weather and a most enjoyable day. The Grays came for us at 11 and took us right down to Hayling Island. We didn’t get back until 7.30 having done close on 100 miles, making a detour home through Sussex. I never was in more perfect country and Cowdray Park (see next panel) is quite one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen with its old ruined castle of which I took a photo. We had lunch at Hayling and basked there, and tea at Chiddingfold in a quaint little inn. At Woolmer Forest we passed through thousands of Terriers who are in camp there.

August 2nd, Tuesday.
The usual rain and wind have returned today and autumn is once more with us, a vile summer truly. Spent the morning house-keekping and the afternoon at the opening of the new Creche by Lady Smith Dorrien. I was thankful to have my brougham to go in as the wind was blowing a hurricane. There were present many ladies to whom I got introduced and went all over and inspected the new building. I fancy my steps will take me there in future as in duty bound.

Aug 3rd
I took the children to a party which the Colin McKenzies gave, hundreds of children there and all sorts of games, races and competitions. Pinkie won a balloon race and got a box of battledores and shuttlecocks.

Aug 4th, Thursday
Much bored by a child’s bazaar in aid of the Lord Mayor’s cripple home. The usual collection of highly priced rubbish but the cause was excellent. Dined tonight at the General’s – the Hultons, Robertsons, Davidsons, Colonel Grenfell, Colonel Wing, the General and Capt Kentish and selves present. A very pleasant party, a good dinner and Bridge to follow.

Aug 6th, Saturday
We all went to the Sports of the 19th Hussars where there was jumping, tent pegging etc.

Aug 8th, Monday
Once again a grass widow am I. H went to Brighton yesterday and as Walter (her German uncle) left this morning I am alone, but there is so much to do and so many calls to pay and various engagements that though I miss my dear’s presence the time passes away quick enough.

August 10th
Nothing could have been more lovely than a picnic to which we went this day with Mrs Gray and Mrs Kelly to Frensham Pond. It is a lovely place set in the midst of the heather moors and pine woods with a sandy shore where we took off our stockings and paddled. I insert photos of the children taken there. Baby distinguished herself by falling headlong into the water and getting so drenched that even her vest was wet so Mrs Gray sent the car back for a change of clothes and I took off every stitch and changed her in the car! Soon after we returned dear Ell turned up and spent the night with me. It was lovely having him to buck to which we did till past 11.

Aug 12th, Friday
Had a most odd experience today. I took my bicycle to Bagshot and had lunch with the Lyons. Herman who was staying with his mother there came down to dear old Woodcote (her old school) with me. We went all over the house, into all my old haunts, our schoolroom and bedroom and everywhere. I felt like a ghost and hadn’t been there for 18 years. It all seemed so small when I think of the vast dimension it used to appear to me.

Elliot, Wynne’s brother home from India, with Herbert and Eleanore.