August 14th, Sunday
Drove to the troop church where we enjoyed a very nice service, the band of the Irish Fusiliers taking it. We took the children who much enjoyed all the gorgeous soldiers in their Sunday kit.

Aug 18th, Thursday
We amused ourselves this afternoon at the General’s (Lawson) garden party. A great crowd was there, two bands and much tea. It was nice and amusing because one met such crowds one knew.

Aug 19th
We were bidden tonight to dine at Government House. There we found ourselves a party of 20 and everything very smart and fine. After dinner we went out on to the terrace where covered stands were erected and witnessed the most lovely Searchlight Tattoo I have ever seen. The night was still brilliant and 800 bandsmen performed. It was all quite beautiful and I am awfully glad to have seen it.

Aug 22nd, Monday
H and I were just starting off to shop when that wretch Schipper arrived, the fur man, and I cast my jacket at his head which has worn so vilely and he has taken it to repair. H bought a very nice Persian rug from him for the hall for £6.0.0, wanted 8 so it is probably worth 2. The Hitchcocks came to tea, he is our rector, a worthy couple but on the point of vanishing. What I wonder will the new pogs be like?

August 23rd
Such appalling weather and in duty bound we hied us to the Sports. We drove to the grounds in pouring rain and sat in the same all afternoon, the rain spoiling all the very pretty floral decorations and running down in streams into the bandsmen’s instruments. Luckily our train went before the end so I was not caught for prize distribution.

Aug 24th
In fear and trepidation I dined 10 people here tonight but all went well and Veacock sent us an excellent dinner after which we played whisky poker.

Aug 25th
More Sports, the last of the season. Of course the rain descended but we toddled over, taking the children who much enjoyed it. This time I had to stay and give prizes away but it was so wet and cold I longed for a paper and a fireside.

The weather continued to be vile to the end of the month, each entry with the same complaint, so I have omitted them.

Aug 30th, Tuesday
I was busy all morning over my house and getting ready for my governess Miss Male who came in the evening. My first impressions are most favourable. She is a nice looking girl about 30 I should think, very bright and pleasant with plenty to say for herself and much more suitable than Miss Marsh.

Aug 31st
To dinner came Sir Stewart and Lady Bayley (Wynne’s spelling), Capt and Mrs Gray, and Capt and Mrs Mundy. Dinner passed off quite well. It is curious the Bayleys coming for 2 months to the house opposite. He was L.G. for Bengal during Father’s time and they were very intimate.