December 1st, Thursday
A dreadful dark and gloomy day, most suitable to my feelings. H had to leave by an early train so we breakfasted at 8.20 and I went afterwards and did final things for Mother. I had to go to Salisbury to get my vile tooth finished off so I said goodbye to Mother and went off to Waterloo where my Ell met me and saw me off. I can’t write down here what I felt at saying goodbye to him but it was quite dreadful and the coming 3 years present as a blank without him. How horrible are such times and it only seems yesterday since the joyous moment of meeting my beloved at Naples. However, “away with melancholy”.

Dec 2nd
This morning when we arose it was almost pitch dark, so frantic a thick fog combined with torrents of rain and a clammy coldness throughout the house. Who would mis this lovely climate and go abroad! Letters this morning and a dull afternoon selling at the S and S Help Society. We realized about £14.10.0.

Dec 3rd
Such depressing weather! We dined tonight at the General’s, 14 present: the Smith Dorriens, Rawlinsons, McHardys, Williams and a daughter, Colonel du Cane, the General and his aide and ourselves. Very elite and smart!

Dec 5th, Monday
Did my duty by some calls which had been long unanswered, then to tea came the Watsons, our Rector and his wife. H unfortunately had to go to a lecture so was absent. The whole country is in the throes of the General Election at present, envy, hatred and malice are rife. The position has never been so tense or so fraught with the most horrible consequences and one’s ears ring with the words Lords, Veto, Home Rule and Referendum. Polling taking place everywhere everyday and the excitement is intense (at which I think Wynne means campaigning – or perhaps it did occur on different days?)

Dec 6th, Tuesday
Frantic news from Mother. They have missed their steamer! On arrival at Munich found that the express had gone, leaving them with nothing to continue their journey. They wired to the Capt and company to try and keep the Koerber but to no avail and on arrival at last at Trieste they found the boat had gone since 4 hours. There is another lady and two men in the same hat (sic) and I await with anxiety to hear how they get on. Really the whole affair seems fraught with set backs, the things they left behind are countless including Mother’s tickets which luckily there was time to get but they are both irresponsible creatures and not fit to be at large!!

Dec 7th
Went up to Town to lunch with Lady Fulton and to see “A Single Man”, Maude’s new piece. We both found it excellent and amusing and laughed much at it. I enjoyed my jaunt very much, she is good company and was very charming to me.

Dec 8th
Polling here today and our member in with a majority. News from Mother that they proceed on their journey by devious ways, take steamer to Alexandria, then train to Port Said, then steamer again but how wretched, and one can write nowhere.