December 11th, Sunday
I thought it was to be fine but just as we were all ready dressed for church down came the rain, however it abated in time and we went, finding ourselves caught to listen half an hour to Mr Abdy’s copybook maxims. I really think one ought to be able to shout “time”. A most tedious discourse.

Dec 12th
At 2.30 we went up to Town to spend the night with the Grays. We drove first to the Club where the Knyvetts and Lady Fulton came to tea. She is just off to Egypt for the winter, oh! how I envy all these people who escape this frantic climate. We drove to the Grays in Hyde Park Place, had dinner and drove to see “The Graham Girl”. Such a charming play with a very strong cast. We supped at the dear old Carlton afterwards. What good times I have had at this palce and how well one knows its pretty supper room and palm court and 1.0 when they turn out the lights in order to get rid of you and of which one takes no notice.

Dec 13th
Oh the joy of being able to stay in bed till 9.0 and breakfast comfortably at 10. Outside a hurricane was blowing and at 11 I sallied forth across the Park in order to visit old Miss Teague in her quaint cattery, poor old decayed gentlewoman in her tiny abode of 4 square walls. Met the Grays and H and we had lunch and strolled to Bond Street to see the Post Impressionist pictures which are creating such a furore at present. Not being educated up to this sort of frenzy in art they presented to us nothing more than a series of hysterical frights but I am glad to have seen them. After tea we returned to Aldershot by the 5.30.

Dec 14th
A strenuous day but to my mind delightful. Miss Male and I took the children to Town where we spent the whole day at the Brixton Bon Marché. PInkie in great perplexity said to H in the morning “I don’t know what to give you this year Daddy. I gave you a tie last year and you’ve plenty of razors”!! Arrived up there at 1 and came away at 5, shopping hard all the time.

Dec 15th
It poured the whole day but I drove into Farnham after lunch. The whole of the Farnham Valley is under water, miles of it and looks so desolate and dreary. Mrs Milroy and Mrs Allason came to tea and the Watsons to dinner. They are our Rector folk and he is an excellent preacher which is a blessing.

Dec 16th, Friday
To tea came the General. I am an admirer of Gen Lawson, a very nice man and so hospitable and charming and wasted as a bachelor.

Dec 17th
We went off today to spend the weekend with the Toms (Jacksons). Arrived there at 12 and were met by Grace with a child in each hand and a large white apron on. This house is like staying at a school with their six children forever around.

Dec 18th, Sunday
To church. A huge family parade. Tom is a real elder and sits in the choir clothed in a surplus and red hood and reads lessons, also collects the bags and takes them to the altar with much pomp!

Dec 19th, Monday
Breakfast at 8, the master having to leave at 9 for Town. At 7.30 weird strains came up in the gloom and darkness of 5 finger exercises, a horrible reminder of school days. I don’t think I should feel strong enough to stay here for long. One has too many children in evidence all day long. We returned home this morning.