December 20th, Tuesday
This being Xmas week I am frightfully busy, there is so much to do. I sent 10 parcels today and am busy doing all my cards and Gran’s cards and presents as well.

Dec 21st
A committee meeting of the SSFA. H went to Town and Miss Male departed on her holidays. Dear little Win came back from Town with Herbert looking so well and the children’s joy is tremendous, excited screams have been incessant ever since.

Dec 22nd, Thursday
I never saw a more glorious sunrise than this morning and it was followed by a brilliant day. I spent the whole morning with the children shopping and came home ladened with things. Having let Maggie off I looked after and put the kids to bed, then wrote 1000 letters and sent off more parcels.

Dec 23rd
I and Maggie took the children to the Duffus’ this evening to a lovely entertainment. A conjuror first, followed by tea, a tree and dancing. They were all delighted and came home ladened with toys. Cards and parcels continue to pour in and I am still young enough to feel excited about it all.

Dec 24th, Saturday
Xmas Eve
Church decorating in the morning and the decorating of our tree after lunch, dear old custom how I love it. We were a party of 27, very great excitement among the children and everything went off most successfully. I miss my home dears sadly.

Dec 25th, Sunday
Xmas Day
Early this morning came 4 children to our room to examine the contents of their stockings with many shrieks and squeals. We all went to church including Gran and Baby so that the oldest and youngest members in church were of our party and had 94 years difference.

Our midday meal was Xmas dinner and the children ate largely of the above, Pink got the bachelor’s button, Win 6d and Nootie 3d. I took the children again in the afternoon to a carol service and we all went to bed exhausted.

Dec 26th, Monday
A perfect day, warm in the sun but a bitter wind. H and I took the children for a walk all through Farnham Park. We played wild games in the evening and began the task of answering letters and thanking for innumerable presents and as I have to look after the replies of Gran, Win, Pink and Noot it is somewhat of a trial.

Dec 30th, Friday
This dear Diary is nearly at an end and so is this year. What a good one it has been and how little one knew what was in store for one.

Dec 31st
Another year has passed. It is rather horrid not having ones people with one to see it in and I cant help thinking of other New Years Eves. Goodbye 1910, and my dear diary, how much have I enjoyed wasting my time over you.