February 1st, Tuesday
“Though winter still hold icy sway
His chain grows lighter day by day”

This is true but today is a typical black Feb day with incessant torrents . I drove into town this afternoon and it never ceased to pour the whole time.

Feb 2nd
Home gate painting.

Feb 3rd
Gates again Selah! and much business getting the school room and nursery ready for Miss Marsh, the governess who turned up today at 5. I hope all will go well and that she and the children will take to one another. It is a difficult time beginning a fresh start but I shall be glad when they are busy at lessons as it is quite time they ceased to run wild.

Feb 4th, Friday
Such a perfect day and the birds felt it too and sang their loudest. Oh how it stirs the sap in ones bones! The children (7 and 6 years old! Such freedom!) have begun lessons and I am sure it is good for them but I always feel sad that the dear mites have to be given up to strangers and strictness.

Feb 6th, Sunday
Another wet day but being the first Sunday in the month Gran was anxious to go to church and did so, coming home in the pouring rain. I do hope she’ll come to no hurt. I spent the afternoon developing a roll of film and am longing to print them but must go to Blandford for a few necessaries first.

Feb 7th
My dear wee baby is 2 years old today, where has the time gone? I do grudge the passing years so much. We had a tea in the drawing room with cake, 2 candles and lieblicht complete, Eleanor Mary being mistress of the ceremonies and cutting her own cake!

Feb 9th, Wednesday
This being Ash Wednesday we all trundled off to church which consisted of Mattins, Litany, Commination and Communion and there we sat for a solid hour, children and all. I felt like screaming. In the evening, church again and quite a number of people there. Mournful hymns and chants and very slow rendering of everything, quite suitable doubtless.

Feb 10th
Many household chores to be got through, laurel cutting, and painting, setting of hens and tormenting of domestics. After lunch we went to Blandford calling upon the Traills, Ella Smith and finally the Jacksons.

Feb 11th
Gardened, replanting the front door border with fresh wall flowers. There is so much to be done in the garden that one is bewildered where to turn first.

Feb 12th, Saturday
Quite a decent day, spent in chores and village visiting. I ought to get round a great deal more than I do but there is always so much to do at home.