January 25th, Tuesday
This day should be a memorable one in the children’s lives as upon it we took them up to London for their first taste of Town dissipation! On arrival drove to 2 Pelham Place which Mother has taken for three months and found her busy dressing for a wedding. I hastened to Douglas whilst H took the children to the Natural History Museum. After my hair was done I had lunch with Dot Sealy at the Club. Jack is still in India and it seems she will remain at home as she is not going to join him until he gets ordnance. H and I went this evening to the Blue Bird, a most wonderful piece of staging and Mother took some people to the Pantomime.

Jan 26th, Wed
The children, who sleep in my room, were awake early full of excitement for the coming day. We handed them over to Mother until 12.30, I spending the morning with Waggett who had to reopen my tonsil crypts again and H went to the War Office. We lunched at 12.30 and drove to the Pantomime (Aladdin – see back). We had the Duke of Bedford’s box and as we had asked no one else we saw it all splendidly. The staging, scenery and dresses were perfect whilst George Graves and Wilkie Bard kept us in fits. The children were wild with excitement dear things and we stayed until the very end of the Harlequinade, 1.30 to 5.30!! This evening we went to the Follies who surppassed themselves and from time to time I felt so ill from laughing that I thought hysterics was the next move. Their Potted Pantomimes are simply too funny for words.

Jan 27th
Another red letter day for the children marking as it does their long looked for visit to the Zoo. We arrived at the magic spot at 11.30 and stayed until closing time. I think we saw nearly every animal but missed the walrus! It was bitterly cold and the seals swam about in ice! This evening we saw Hawtrey in “The Little Damozel”. I was very disappointed. He is generally so splendid and this is a rotten piece with a melodramatic plot and a very tame ending. Mother got a VC for going to sleep all through the first act.

Jan 28th
We had intended returning home but Mother persuaded us to stay on. She, the children and I went off shopping and Herbert went to the War Office where he saw Col Mercer and Lindsay but could hear nothing definite as to our future. They have made Baldock a Major General which leaves Aldershot vacant in April. I am glad there is no chance of our getting that, I hate the place and would far rather have Dublin.
H and I strolled over to the Victoria and Albert Museum and were just enjoying ourselves when a policeman turned us out for closing time. I was disgusted.

Jane 29th
The cold is intense and home we came today. All the way down the line any low lying land was flooded and much frozen over. Dreadful disappointment today on hearing we have lost E Dorset by over 400. It is most unexpected and was thought to be the strongest seat of all. The other three divisions went in right.

Jan 30th, Sunday
I am writing this in the evening, H has gone to church again. I have just been to see the comet which was well in view and moving very rapidly. The papers hold two subjects, the Elections and the floods in Paris which have assumed the most appalling proportions. People are suffering terribly and the state of everything is chaos.

Jan 31st, Monday
Gate painting, the second and third coats. Up to now they have always been red or that dull stone colour so this time we chose white which I have long wanted. Walked down to see the Pennys. The old man is perfectly splendid. I hear on his birthday when he was 90 he went all the way down to Somerset to vote besides doing so in 3 other places. It is marvellous how well the old dear is. (Can this be correct? Multiple voting?!)