July 10th, Sunday
The Boyce’s drove me up to Parade Service. H could not come because he had no uniform so he walked over to Bulford and I met him at the Hinton’s where we lunched. We found all well there and drove to the Geddes for tea, finishing up at the Usbornes till supper. How very nice it is to find oneself amongst all these dear people again. Parade Service made me feel quite chokey.

July 11th
A dreadful thing has occurred and I am thoroughly depressed. I was on my dear Jacob who I had been warned had taken to stumbling and was just congratulating myself that he had not done it once when down he came on his head as if he had been shot and cut his knees to pieces. This had just cut the old places right open, poor darling and Major Oldfield contemplated shooting him for some time and I think this is really the end for he is hardly worth doctoring up anymore.
I looked at our dear hut and garden this morning and felt like a ghost wandering about.

July 12th, Tuesday
It has been a perfect day and I went into Salisbury by the old motor and returned by the 1.50 motor. Went to the Mess and found Colonel Gubbins who took me over to the hut and with him I inspected the dear place and it made me feel melancholy to be there again. The garden looks very gay and bright and he is taking quite an interest in it.

July 13th
Another lovely day and at 10.30 I started off on Mr Boyce’s mare for a ride. I went up to Stonehenge and over the downs to Lark Hill Camp where I found Poggy and Capt Gray. I intruded into the office and had a drink and came home again, and after lunch we all went over to the Amesbury fete, a freak show with no one there and came home after tea to find Poggy had walked down. They asked him to stay but he was unable to but will do so tomorrow.

July 14th
We went up to Bulford field to watch a Brigade Parade the Colonel was having. It was nice to see them all again, the horses looking so splendid and everything so smart. I was on Mr Boyce’s charger. We rode back through Camp, and I quickly changed and bicycled off to the Taylors where I had lunch, returning at 4 to find Poggy had arrived to spend the night. Col Gubbins, his successor, came to dine, a funny old bug-a-boo, a real type of Punches Colonel with a loud guffaw for everything he or anyone says!
We had a telegram today to dine with the King and Queen at Aldershot. I am awfully sorry to have missed this, such an interesting opportunity that will certainly not occur again.

July 15th, Friday
Poggy left for Aldershot today. When he appears nowadays it is only to depart again at once. I lunched with the Osbornes. He is a changed man from former days, I suppose it is the present wife who has effected the metamorphosis. After lunch he proposed motoring so I got him to take me into Salisbury to meet Ell who comes for the dance and who should we meet but Poggy catching the afternoon train home. We got back about 6.30, dressed for dinner and as a party of 6 drove to the dance at Tidworth. It was very well done all round, music, supper, floor etc and Ell dances better than ever. Crept into bed at a quarter to 5.

July 16th
A disgraceful household! Even Mr Boyce who had Parade at 10.30 only left the house at 10.20. Ell and I breakfasted at 11, left at 12.35 and got back home after lunch finding all well.

July 17th, Sunday
Churched in the morning and packed hard all afternoon. Dear old place, how many lovely days one has had there.

July 18th
Set off at 2.45 and arrived finding Poggy at the station to meet us. Very nice to be at home again.