June 15th, Wednesday
Started at 9.50 and after a perfect crossing reached Town at 5.30. Ell went off to the Grand and I to my club where I have a room. Even after a fortnight’s absence I felt as if I could embrace all the stolid Britishers I saw, their calm demeanour being so refreshing after the fussy and childish ways of the foreigners. What insular sentiments! Ell dined with me and then we skipped off to the Palace where we obtained the last 2 seats in the house and saw the famous Russian dancers. They certainly are wonderful. I have seldom seen anything more inspiring or graceful and am glad we were lucky enough to get seats. We were delighted with Barclay Gammon too, he is sweet!

June 16th
I went down to Aldershot today to leave my old clothes and get some fresh ones and found all well there, servants getting on happily and received a nice homey welcome from them. The garden is a perfect sight. When I returned to the Club I found there Ell and Frankie McNamara who I had not seen since ’98. We parted to dress and met at the old Trocadero where we dined and then to “Don Cesar de Bazan”, Lewis Waller’s piece, quite good but not good enough for Waller who has done better things. Anyhow the piece was not of much importance, the delight lay in being at a theatre with my Ell again after so long an interval.

June 17th
A busy day shopping, to Kodak, Goldsmiths, Liberty, Butterick and Douglas. In the evening went again to the Troc and on to “The Dawn of A Tomorrow” a melodramatic piece of Gertrude Elliot’s, Herbert Waring and H Ainley. It was well put on and clever but not thrilling.

June 18th, Saturday
The day of home coming has arrived and after a hot journey we fetched up at Blandford. Mother was waiting at the station and it was a joyous meeting.

June 19th
A perfect day, still hot and joyful. I am sitting in the field looking after the children as I have given Maggie leave to go for a drive with Letty. Ell and Jim are fishing and have caught 4 already so breakfast is assured. I am so happy to be home again.

June 21st, Tuesday
The weather is lovely and I grudge the time indoors which I have to spend in photography but I am keen to get them all done and see results. Opposite is a sweet photo. I used my portrait adjuster with the result that they have come out enormous and they are furious at the result.
Walter (von Poellnitz) arrived from Germany.

June 24th, Friday
At 12.23 I met my dearest at the station and it was a joy to see him again. We talked for hours, I recounting my adventures and he giving me much Camp news. He can alas only stay until Sunday.

June 25th
 kind and clever Uncle Walter has executed this wondrous initial letter for me. My diary feels much honoured by the attentions of the Herr Baron. A pouring day of storms and wind

June 28th, Tuesday
I heard today from Poggy that our dear old 33rd Brigade has got two specials and a first this year at practice. I wrote to congratulate Major Oldfield and am as pleased as Punch.

June 29th
Ell and I set off by the 10.45 to see Win today at Sherborne. We arrived at 12 and went to her house and found her at Gym where she performed most gracefully and was quite the best of any girl there. She came to lunch with us at the Digby and afterwards we saw her rehearsing a little play they are going to act at Commem. She was so gay and happy.