March 18th
We all went to Salisbury today to get put to rights by Mr Farebrother (dentist). I had three done, Nootie one but the men got off free. Young (H’s batman) met us at the station and it was nice to see his welcome face again.

March 19th
I went up to the church and cleaned the cross and cut the grass (at her father’s grave).  I all looks so nice but how I wish it was always kept so. I do so hate to see it neglected and uncared for and when I am not here no one thinks about it. I cannot realize that this June he will have been dead 12 years. Tomorrow is his birthday.

March 21st, Monday
We went up to Town today to Mother by the 10.45, shopped at Harrods and then went and had my skirt fitted. Tea at the Club and so home to dinner.

March 22nd, Tuesday
We started off this morning by the 9.50 for Aldershot and arrived there at 11.20 to find Capt Gray and Mrs Baldock waiting for us. The former bore H off to the office whilst I drove with Mrs B first to a house in Church lane called Stoneycroft over which I went and found horrible and then to Hale to their house where Mrs B took me over everywhere and all over the garden. It is all quite charming and the only carp about it being the smallness of the bedrooms but we have decided to manage somehow for it is quite the nicest place in the neighbourhood and the garden alone is worth taking it for! It has 4 sitting rooms, a hall, 8 or 9 bedrooms and bath room and out of the dining room open 2 large conservatories which is also nice. The garden is in splendid order and we intend keeping on the gardener who must be good judging by the results. The stables are also nice and we think of engaging their civilian groom who seems satisfactory.
We left at 2.30 much pleased with our inspection and the kind Baldocks who did all they could to help in every way. General Lawson, H’s future chief, was lunching there too and it was quite cheery seeing him in uniform once again. It seemed so odd to be back in the old dog hole again. We passed coming home Manor Farm House which looked dank and gloomy in the extreme and in the garden there roamed the old landlady looking like the ghoul of a black beetle. It seems an odd coincidence that I should start and end my soldiering at Aldershot .

March 23rd
We returned home again today after some shopping.

March 24th
With the children in the pony cart we drove to Rushton where we put up and then walked to Chettle Wood where we spent the afternoon picking daffodils. I had not been up for years and it filled me with childhood memories when I spent the winter of ’91 there. Little did I think then that at the age of 30 I would see me a General’s wife! Buck up old cock!! It has been a lovely day and I shall never forget how perfect the wood looked with its carpet of yellow stars.

March 26th, Saturday
On Thursday night my dear old friend Mrs Belben died. I felt quite sad to think that now both these good old people are gone and I cant fancy newcomers in their house. I went to her funeral today in company with her old village friends.
We spent all the afternoon decorating the church for Easter and it looks charming. Herbert I left gardening with Blake and we are going to have a great day of it on Easter Monday.